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Leaving Waco

It was hard to leave Waco.

Oh, it was emotionally hard to leave behind this house that we’d not only poured the last three months of our lives into but also a house that had been ‘in the family’ for 10 years. There are a lot of sweet memories and sweat equity in that home, and it was bittersweet to bid it that final farewell.

And of course it was heart-hard to leave behind our precious Waco family –
(Abigail missed this photo-op, but we’re sure gonna miss her too!) Especially with that 4th little Texas cowboy on the way!

But what I’m talkin’ about here is that it was PHYSICALLY hard to leave Waco!
We got a good early start out of the campground,
left the RV at the Sam’s Club parking lot and then went to the house to wait for a package. (We had placed the order before we realized we were going to be able to leave earlier than planned. Poor planning, I know.)
And then we waited.
We waited in the house.
We waited on the porch.
We waited in the truck.
And at 3:45 that brown truck finally arrived.
Finally, we were heading back to the RV to get hooked up and ON OUR WAY.
As I was pulling the truck behind Lizzie to get started, I had a brain hiccup and remembered I had left one last load of wash in the dryer. Back at the house. Yes, after sitting within 20 feet of the laundry room for a full 6 hours with no recall whatsoever that I had left the dryer going the night before, God (in His kindness but with a bit of humor) brought that to mind. So it was back to the house for me (Gary stayed at the rig to try and get her cooled off after sitting in the sun all day). I collected the wash (which was still a little damp – GAHHHHH), returned to the rig through rush hour traffic and FINALLY, at 6PM, we were on our way.
The rest of the trip had a few little hiccups –
and really and truly, too much traffic for my taste.
But we made it to Ohio
and spent the evening with these darling faces!
We’ll get to see the rest of the Ohio Grands before we head on to Montrose Bible Conference (our July and August SOWER project), but for now we’re thankful for the sweet respite and the joy of seeing family. We’re also thankful for safety on the roads, the spare fuel filter that allowed us to continue on our way (and for my guy who knew how to change it!), for cooler temps and for all the laundry being with us in Ohio!!
God is Good!!

Mondays are for Memories – Plus some travel news

We traveled the Natchez Trace for the first 250 miles of our drive to Ohio. We’d done the Trace back in 2005, stopping at most every historic spot along the way. We did some camping, some traipsing about with just the truck, and lots of exploring all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful drive. This time, however, it was just the shortest distance between point A (Kosciusko) and point B (Nashville). Now, I’m not saying it’s the quickest route, but my oh my, it did my blood pressure good! Two lanes, minimal shoulders (so Gary took his half out of middle when he could), 50-55 mph speed limit, no stop signs, traffic lights, or merge lanes, no commercial trucks and hardly any car traffic at all.
See what I mean? Ahhhh…..
All good things must come to an end, though, from Nashville to just outside of Columbus, it was Interstate all the way.
Oh and rain.
(That’s Cincinnati hiding in the mist.)
[Coming soon – a recap of our fun visit with the kiddos in Columbus]

All too soon (like this morning) we were headed for our summer destination, Montrose Bible Conference.
But as sometimes happens when your house has an engine, something just didn’t sound right, so we are currently snugged in at a transmission repair spot near Akron, OH, where they have given us an appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.
We are very thankful that we’re self-contained, our waste tanks are empty, our fresh water and propane tanks are adequately full, and the generator is humming away. Flexibility is the name of the game. We’re safe, have food in the fridge (and a truck to go get more if we need it), and are praying for a quick (and economical) resolution tomorrow.
Meanwhile – here are some links to our travels down the beautiful Natchez Trace in October, 2005.
Along the Trace
Traveling the Trace
Moseying….Is that a word?

Enjoy the Memories!!! Mondays are for Memories, right?