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Mini Reno

Back in 2003 when we purchased Lizzie, our motor home, she came with a TV in the bedroom. I’m sure if I searched through my photo archives I might find an actual photograph of that TV, but since I want to get to bed sometime tonight – here is a picture from the original brochure (that was surprisingly easy to find!) –
We enjoyed that TV for several years, but with the advent of digital TV and the need for a converter (or a new TV) we gradually just stopped using it all together. Eventually, we removed the TV and gained some storage. Ah, new storage space – a treasure indeed in our little 300 sq ft home. Since it was located in my sewing storage corner (and thus belonged to me, right?), I began to slowly but surely fill it up.
And as often is the case (in my world anyway), it soon became quite the collection of stuff. Messy stuff.
Oy. Keeping it tidy was certainly an option (and did happen occasionally), but that big (messy) cavern in the corner really began to bug me and I began to think up ways to cover it, but still have it accessible. A wall hanging, maybe? A curtain? Since it was easiest to just let it be (and avert my eyes if I needed to), it continued ‘as is’ for a good bit.
Meanwhile…..over two years ago I was gifted some original artwork of the cabin done by the talented daughter of one of our project hosts.  Here’s a screenshot excerpt from a blog entry back in January of 2019 –

As much as I loved that painting, there was absolutely nowhere (as in no wall space) to hang it in Lizzie. I tucked it safely away thinking it would have to wait until the ‘next chapter’ of our life when we would perhaps  once again have more walls.
But then…..as I lay in bed one night, eyeing that cavern in the corner, I realized that the opening was not that much bigger than that cabin painting. Maybe, just maybe, we (as in Gary) could figure out some way to incorporate the painting into a panel/door and we could kill two birds with one stone – find a spot for the custom artwork AND disguise a messy storage area.
I can’t tell you it happened overnight (does anything at our age?), but we eventually got a cabinet door  made, Gary stained and sealed it to match the existing cabinets, and after some discussion about types of hinges and which side should it open up, he completed the installation.
I found a simple frame for that lovely cabin painting, and voila! Problem solved!
To say that this girl is one happy camper about this small, but heartwarming, renovation would be quite the understatement!

I sure do love catching a glimpse of The Cabin each night before I turn out the lights!

Lake Forest Ranch Wrap-up

It’s happened again! Our three weeks of work is over, and now is the time to look back and see what was accomplished. For me, it was all about paintin’ dem closets.
Big Closets
Medium Closets
and even some Smallish Closets –
When I ran out of closet beige, I tackled some door frames –
And then at the very end Gary and I worked together and painted a hallway!
Yes, it was still beige on beige, but the walls were farther apart AND I had company!
All good!
(Full disclosure – I didn’t mind all that closet painting at all! I got to listen to my favorite podcasts and then my favorite Pandora stations. Definitely a bonus when painting alone!)
Three gallons of beige paint later – 12 closets, 4 doorframes and one hallway. Done.
Gary bounced around doing several different jobs – taking care of some drywall repair, doing a bit of woodworking, and yes, painting doors!
Considering that virtually every door on campus is green, I was pretty sure he was going to run out of paint before he ran out of doors!
Sometimes painting doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But when finances are tight (as they are at every retreat center during this pandemic) there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up an area. We were happy to be able to help in this way!
We finished out our time here with a lovely gathering of SOWERS (either working in the area or or living nearby) for lunch today. Wonderful food, but even better fellowship! I’m so thankful to be part of this SOWER Family!

It was a lovely month – the weather was quite cooperative and we enjoyed the quieter pace of working a project with ‘just us’.  But as often happens, when it comes to the end of the project, my guy is ready to go. And when he’s ready to go, we go. Simple as that! Since we’re heading out in the morning for our little road trip back to Texas, I better get the dishes done and tidy up some! I fear the truck will be pulling out early tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe and keep washing those hands!
PS – The header for today’s post is the yet-to-be-filled lake. They shut the drain today, so it should begin to fill up. Yippee!!

Putting it back together and the answer

We had a good last day of our first week today. Turns out all of the cabins I’d been busy closet-painting this week were going to be used this weekend, so we had to make sure all the painters tape was up, all the paint supplies put away (even it that means they are just under a tarp by our RV), and the shelves re-installed.
Gary and I worked together and got four of the six closets done. (The other two still had wet paint from this morning, so he’ll get them done in the morning!)
Now I know those aren’t the most impressive closets, but I must confess I was pretty pleased with how fresh and clean they looked. I probably won’t go back after the weekend to see if they got banged up again! Sometimes it’s the little things, right?

Oh – the one official guess on my Wednesday Mystery Location was generally correct. Yes, it is Utah! Those were some pictures from Zion National Park taken 10 years ago during what Gary affectionately calls The Rock Tour. You can check out a bit more about our time at that fabulous park HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!

Beige on Beige

Same song
Second Verse….
Last month Wendy and I painted a beige hallway and meeting room a different shade of beige and this month is sounding like the second verse of that same song! Except this time I’m working on closets!
While I’m pretty much a “party worker” (as in I love tackling projects with a gang of friends), it’s probably a good thing we’re on our own this month. These closets are pretty much one-person painting size!
I got 3 1/2 closets done in these first two days – only have about 10 or so to go!
Gary’s also been playing with paint! He’s been working on some drywall repairs in the kitchen and painting doors between spackle coats!
Except his is green on green.
We’ve been enjoying the Mississippi weather too – cool nights and mornings (OK, it was cold this morning – 37!) but bright and sunny during the day.
No complaints here – either on the weather or the beige paint!

I hope you took the opportunity to vote today (or earlier as we did!). Regardless of where we stand on the candidates, the ability to vote in a free election is a privilege denied many around the globe. Let us all remember that whatever we wake to tomorrow (or the next day or the next….) Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. Proverbs 19:21

Week Two

We switched buildings this week as our painting projects progressed.  What once was blue
is now the calming shade of Airy Green.
I confess  it was lovely to use green paint instead of beige even though it did take a solid two coats to cover that blue!
By mid-week we were back to painting more already beige walls a slightly different color of beige. We got the hallway done and have the fellowship hall ready to roll when we start back on Monday.
Although the color is not a big change, I know that a fresh coat of paint will really perk up the room! It’ll be great to see the room all done next week!

In other news….check this out –
Yep! The refrigerator/freezer is back in business!!! It was a worthwhile exercise to empty out the freezer earlier this week – I was surprised at what I found and thankful most items were labeled (and dated – yikes!)!! I’m restocking from the church freezer slowing and trying to use things up as I do!
The new energy management part came in today, and is on deck for installation tomorrow. It was 90 today and tomorrow is supposed to only get into the low 70’s and my electrician really prefers the cooler temps. Once that gets installed I THINK our Electric Saga will be wrapping up!  Well, for the moment anyway.

Tomorrow we’ll ‘mask up’ and head out to the post office and the laundromat. I was hoping we could put off a grocery store trip until early next week, but I was just informed that we have used our last coffee filter so it looks like a stop at the Winn-Dixie will join the list. Priorities, baby, priorities!

Thanks for stopping by – keep washing those hands!

Oh – Congrats to Doug  (and Janet over on Facebook) who guessed yesterday’s “Where in the World” photo was from Olympic National Park – the HOH Rain Forest to be exact! If you’d like to see more photos from that beautiful park, you can check them out HERE!

Random header photo today is from our walk on the Vero Beach beach this past February.  Ahhhh……