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A different Waco Weekend

We loved spending a couple of extra days in Waco following our February SOWER project.  While we did get to spend a bit of time with the kids and the grands,
(A fun Chick Fil A dinner with the boys!)
our primary focus was working on the house, pressing on with getting it ready to sell.
While Gary continues on with the electrical ‘stuff’ –


I’ve been working more on things that present a more visible result. For example –
Somewhere in the history of this house (it was built in 1918) a great deal of wallpaper was put up in the closets. (At least it can still be seen in the closets – perhaps it was other places as well!). But since this wallpaper was put up over ship lap, it was nailed up, not glued. It also has a fabric-ish backing that disintegrated over the years (century?). The attic space was not only completely covered in this wall covering, but all of the shelving and trim – even the attempt to make it a cedar closet – was installed over it. (Actually, that’s probably what held it up!)
Pretty gross, right?
With (what I hope was) adequate protection, I began the task of reclaiming those walls!
The good news is without it being glued, big swatches did come down at once. The bad news was those blasted nails!
It was a long and dusty day, and with some help from Gary, we got it all pulled down and cleaned up –


Looks pretty spiffy, right?

But oh those little nails…..

We also got some yard work done – mowing the grass and cleaning up the sidewalks – and continued with some interior deep cleaning (you know, behind appliances where it’s always scary!).

We have this month away from the house and selling-the-house related projects, and I think that’s a good thing. We had a pre-inspection of the electrical work, and Gary does need to make some modifications on his original plan. It’s always good to take a step back and take a breather from big projects, and we’re thankful we have the opportunity.

Right now we’re getting settled at our March project (see Where are we Now for more details) and working on staying warm!! Hopefully March will become a little more lamb like as the month progresses!

Have a blessed weekend, friends!


Anyone still there? Did you think I’d go from a post a day to almost nothing? It really wasn’t my intent, but life got pretty busy here and somehow this little blog kept getting put at the bottom of the pile. (Truth be told, it was busy towards the end of November too, but a commitment is a commitment and I was determined to finish strong. And then it seems I fell off the map!)

OK – things are busy here in Waco. We’ve decided to put our sweet Waco house on the market. I know – crazy, right???? There were a lot of factors, but the bottom line was the realization that at much as we love that house, we just aren’t ready to hang up the RV keys and settle in to a non-moving home.
So our goals for our time in Waco became a bit more pressing. Since this would be our biggest opportunity to finish up the projects we’d started over the last year – like that shed and upgrading the electric service – we knew the clock ticking.
Here’s how we left the shed in the spring –
As you can see – Gary’s made some great progress –
Windows and doors in, trim almost completed, and really it’s just that upper access door to the ‘attic’ that will make it complete. He still needs to fix the garden area (the part in the front that looks like it could be a deck), but it’s really coming along nicely!
With the shed nearing completion, he moved to the electric upgrade.
Ooooo – so fancy!! When it came time to install the new smoke detectors on the second floor, he ran into an unexpected glitch. One that will require a bit more work. And the first step of that “bit more work” involved being able to actually GET to the wiring in the attic. And that required getting all of the insulation out of the attic. So…..
Gary worked in the attic, feeding insulation down the access door
while I smooshed it into giant contractor bags.
Yes, I wore a mask and gloves. Gary even had a dust mask on!
It was an all day event, but by the end of the day –
the attic was empty of insulation and deck was full of bags to drop down into the trailer to take to the dump!
(Have I ever mentioned that there’s this sweet second floor deck off one of the bedrooms. Check out this birds-eye view of the backyard- Untitled
Nice, right?)
This morning it was off to the landfill for us!
(Some unknown person dropped off a box spring and a recliner in the alley behind the house last week. Although it’s pretty rude to do that, the box spring was helpful in securing our jumbo bags. The recliner will have to wait until the next trip.)
You know you’re doing house projects when the guy at the landfill recognizes you and offers to help you unload. Or when you think taking a picture of “The View from The Landfill” might be interesting.
So much trash in this world!

My plan was to get the upstairs painted and all sparkly before we leave next week, but between the electric glitch (making a general mess of the second floor), Christmas sewing, being Gary’s helper, and baby holding (hey, that’s my job too!)
I’ve pretty much made lots of plans and picked up paint chips.

But while the SAD news is that we’re selling the house, the GLAD news is that it looks like we’ll be selling it to a sweet family that we’ve been friends with since we’ve been coming to Waco! It’s just at a handshake stage at the moment, but we’re excited about the possibility! Everything still needs to be done, but if nothing else, maybe she can help me pick out those darn paint colors!

We’re going to miss this place, but if things go as I hope they do, we might just be able to enjoy a couple more nights like this in the future!


A little more Waco

When we left Waco last weekend, we said our good-byes thinking we wouldn’t be back in town until late November.  But when Gary tracked down the metal roofing he wanted for the shed, and it could be ready by yesterday, it seemed that another quick (as in under 24 hours quick!) trip to Waco was in order! Continue reading A little more Waco

The Rest of the Story….

Several of you have asked why we made the ‘move’ to Texas. How come? Why now? So before I get into the full explanation, let’s talk for a moment about “Domicile”.
For those of you living in a house or an apartment, domicile is easy. It’s simply where you live. For those of us who move every three weeks or so, it’s a bit more complicated. Not only is there the ‘where do you get mail?’ problem, but the state and federal governments really, really, really want to know where you ‘domicile’. There’s this thing called Taxes that they seem pretty particular about.
The tricky part is that most states want you to actually LIVE there before they will give you a driver’s license and tags for your vehicles. When we first left home (outside of Philadelphia), the house was still on the market, so we just got a PO Box and asked good friends to pick up the mail and send it to us periodically. Continue reading The Rest of the Story….