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Mondays are for Memories – Like just last month!

Although we began work this morning here at Frontier Cove, I thought I’d better do a quick wrap up of our SOWER month at Potomac Park back in West Virginia. As I mentioned before, it was a very different month as we fit in doctor visits, routine tests, visits with family and even a week with our oldest grandboy. The folks at Potomac Park were very kind and accommodating, and even though our schedule was a bit (ok, a lot) wonky, we still managed to ‘get ‘er’ done.
Potomac Park is both a conference center and a community of summer (and some full-time) cottages.
Every now and again one of those cottages is donated back to the conference center for them to use (either as accommodations or maybe to sell?). That was the case with this unit –
It was already in beginning renovation stage as you can see. Gary and Bill were tasked with moving and updating the wiring, but everyone soon realized that in order to make it safe it really needed to be done from scratch.
Oy – I don’t think he’d ever seen so many junction boxes in so small a space.
Since it was turning out to be a one man job, Bill moved over to the maintenance area and made a beautiful carpet ball game frame.Untitled
I wish I had gotten a better picture of it as it got closer to completion! It was going to be beautiful!
Back at the cottage renovation, Gary was making great progress with the wiring, and although the cottage was a long way from being habitable
Untitled (floors and walls anyone?)
the wiring was complete and ceiling lights were safely installed.
(Photo of wire pulling – light installation happened after I left the building!)
The crazy wires from the little attic space had all been tamed
and at least that part of the infrastructure was good to go!
I don’t know if we’ll be back to see it after it has all been put back together again, but it had good bones and now it had good electric service too!
Luciene and I concentrated mainly on post-meal clean-up – wiping tables and serving lines and sweeping/vacuuming/mopping the floors as needed.
We were essentially on flex-time – available when we were needed, but often able to enjoy some extra time at home. Some months I might’ve minded not being busier, but after a busy July at the cabin along with that wild Delawarean Adventure with Noah, it seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. God, in his mercy, gifted me with a SOWER-lite month!
Untitled It was a good month – just a little different for us. But still filled with sweet fellowship, delightful family time, and satisfying SOWER work. Oh. And ice cream.

August 2021 SOWER project documented.

Before we move…

I figured I’d better do a bit of catchin’ up!
First the SOWER work
We lit up the dining room
and painted bunk beds until we ran out of paint.
(Just an FYI – 4 pints of that paint did 4 complete sets and 3 “one side only” sets.)
Then Gary did some roofing
I was the ladder holding, tool passing assistant until he moved to using the lift!
And thankfully he had some additional roof-walking help
and the two of them continued on until they ran out of tin!
So close!

Family and Friends
I’ve already shared the lovely weekend we spent with my sister Joie and her dear hubby, but we’ve also had the opportunity to spend some time with my nephew and his family who live only about a half hour away. They are so close that twice Robyn and a selection of kiddos came over to enjoy the camp’s Slippery Slopes!
We’ve loved having family close by! We are headed their way tomorrow for a quick overnight while we take care of some annual doctoring in their area before we pull out on Wednesday. This makes my heart happy!
This past Friday I was blessed to be able to connect with my college roommate for the day. It has always struck me as one of God’s great kindnesses that way back in 1969 the student housing system at Shippensburg College (now University) put two freshman together alphabetically (Drawbaugh/Dwinell) who would become fast friends! Somehow we’ve managed to stay connected (even before the days of email, Facebook, and unlimited long distance) over the years and time just seems to melt away when we are able to connect. Friday was no exception! We took a leisurely walk along the C&O Canal in Williamsport, checked out the college town of Shepardstown and ended up with a drive-through of Harper’s Ferry. It was a lovely day of catching up and marveling at God’s goodness to us!
We also avoided stepping on this monster caterpillar on our walk –
Hopefully it made it across the walk way and will soon be turning into an Imperial Moth (per Google Lens) with a wingspan of 3 to 6 inches! Yikes!

Gary & I even did a bit of touristing in the area, but I think I’ll save that for another day!

Thanks for coming along for the wrap-up! It has really been a lovely month filled with family and friends and good work.  And for that we are so very thankful!


Skill Stretching

I’ve been a SOWER (Servant on Wheels Ever Ready)for over 16 years. And if you’ve been stopping by for awhile you know I’ve done a myriad of different jobs. From landscaping (yes, I got to use a zero-turn mower) to pool cleaning to inventory counting (everything from T-shirts to airplane parts) to general cleaning to office work to painting. Lots and lots of painting! But somehow, through all of those job assignments, I have never had to paint a ceiling. Until now. Continue reading Skill Stretching

The Answer and a New Location

Thanks for the guesses, friends! It is a deserted mining community, but not in Colorado. This is the Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark in Kennecott, AK. It was quite a jaunt to get back there (back in 2009 – it might be more accessible these days), but we found it immensely interesting. HERE’S the blog post from our adventure that day! If you’re planning an Alaskan adventure in the future, try to add this to your “must see” list!

But in real time…..
We have arrived at our new location for our August SOWER project month. Potomac Park Retreat Center in Falling Waters, WV. We’ll be the only SOWERS here this month, so I’m sure they’ll keep us busy. We’re meeting with the director for more details in the morning but we’ve already checked out the Potomac Perk – Coffee and Cones – which is right on the campus here. Ice cream within walking distance. This could be trouble.
We’ll also be visiting nearby family and friends and taking care of some (routine) doctoring. All in all, it promises to be a good month!

(Check out the maps over on the Where Are We Now? page for more detail on our location.)