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The house is quiet

which in a household of four little boys is no mean feat! The boys are settled in for the night, Josiah and the other grandma (aka Meemaw) are making a quick trip to the old house, and Abigail is enjoying a peaceful glass of wine and a lovely sunset with a friend on their bedroom deck!

My first full day back in Texas has been a busy delight as I’ve worked on cleaning and organizing the kitchen and playing with some adorable grand boys!

I had a lovely welcome at the Waco airport complete with a big GRAMS sign, flowers and three big boys rushing to give hugs! (There were only 8 of us on the flight from Dallas, so I was pretty easy to spot!)
Once we got to the new house

they had another surprise –

A new puppy!
Crazy, right??
Their other dog, Libby, at age ten isn’t to sure about this little slip of a thing!

However, that little ball of fur is a Great Pyrenees, so it won’t be too long until she’ll be a better playmate!
Although all the critical stuff has been moved (beds, sofa, kitchen table and the washer and dryer, the rest of the ‘stuff’ will be happening in stages. Which mostly means that new boxes will need to be unpacked every day!
It’s been great getting reacquainted with the boys – especially the two littlest! I hadn’t seen little Deacon(7mo) since he was 4 days old!

Yes, my heart is happy!

Stay well and keep washing those hands! It’s always been our best defense!