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A Bit of Saturday Randomness

1. I don’t mind going to the laundromat.
Unlike many full-time RV’ers (and many part-timers too!), we don’t have a washer or dryer on board. We actually have two spots that were ‘washer ready’, but it was more important to us to make use of the space. (Think fabric stash!) Often, our SOWER projects have laundry facilities available to us. This project does too. But when the pile gets big, and there’s a nice laundromat nearby, it just makes sense for us to go and get it all done at once. I love that in just over an hour I (we, actually – Gary comes too!) can come home with all our clothes, sheets and towels clean and folded.

2. Today is a cold and rainy, stay inside where it’s cozy day. Continue reading A Bit of Saturday Randomness

The Last Six Pix

When I challenged myself to do this “Every Day in May” posting, I wasn’t sure just how I would fill up the space. Let’s face it, my life can be pretty mundane. But I figured if nothing else I could just look through my phone photos and find SOMETHING to share. So without further explanation, here are the last Six Pix from my phone with just a caption each.
Thank goodness Gary has some young bodies to help with this foundation work! Continue reading The Last Six Pix