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My latest bag obsession

I haven’t done a “Craft-y” post in a while, have I?
I know in the past I’ve written about how much I love to make bags. Especially those cute Tag-Along Totes!
But lately I’ve been perfecting a Game Bag. OK, “Perfecting” might be a bit of a stretch, but still, I’ve made some modification to an existing pattern.
We’re big Rummikub fans, but not such a big fan of laying out all the tiles . (I know, I know – it’s a very small thing, but when you live in a very small space these things need to be considered.)
I started out making a simple drawstring bag –
which worked well for storing the tiles, but it was not so great for grabbing the tiles during play.

It was just kind of floppy.

I found a “Box Pouch” tutorial over on YouTube that looked like it would work just fine.

I really liked my first attempt
and it worked great for passing around to draw tiles. BUT – it wasn’t big enough to hold the trays too.  Back to the Tiny space thing, right?
So I adjusted the size and added some additional interfacing and quilting to give it more stability, and voila – the perfect (OK – modified!) solution!
And because I just can’t seem to stop once I’ve figured out – here are a couple more renditions-

This little bag would work great for a quick game of Dominoes too!

Most of these have already found homes, and I’m pretty sure the ones that are left will be put to good use. 🙂

Now let’s go play some Rummicub!

PS – Along with that video – here’s a link to actual written tutorial.

Ten Things

1. We were blessed to have another SOWER couple working with us last month. Darla & I worked on folding sheets and some sewing projects while Ed helped Gary in the Dorm Basement renovations.
Loved having them here!

2. The Dorm Basement project is complete! Ok, so not complete-complete like campers will be staying there, but the new doors are in, wiring is done, the ductwork is installed and the upstairs (where campers WILL be staying next week) is all good to go.
Which is a very good thing, ‘cause, you know – those campers arriving this weekend.

3. When Becky (head of housekeeping and essentially my boss) asked me to make some covers for the laundry carts, she assured me that she had a pattern.
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