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Wrapping up Montrose

It seems crazy to me that our Montrose summer is coming to an end.  Yet here we are, with suitcases packed and the fridge organized for a quick cooler-pack in the morning, getting ready to head to the Cabin tomorrow morning! We’ve hugged the summer staff and said our farewells to the full-time staff. But before we load up the truck and pull out tomorrow, I figured I’d better give a recap of just what we’ve been doing all summer.
(Full disclosure – According to Gary,  I’ve been playing most of the summer: a SOWER sister get-away, a cruise with my sisters, a surprise day at Knoebels with our daughter and family, a week with our grandgirl Maddie, and then a long Vermont weekend for a family wedding.  And there is some truth to that, because those excursions were beyond precious to me! But honest, some work was done!)

My primary job this summer (when I wasn’t off playing) was to help with housekeeping. And for me that meant making beds and cleaning guest rooms.
And when I wasn’t putting clean sheets on the beds, I was making the sheets clean.
At a busy conference center there are ALWAYS beds to be made, and sheets and towels to be washed. Nothing like a job security!

Oh, I also got to do a bit of kitchen work and even was tasked with sewing a batch of new aprons.
So it wasn’t ALL about bed linens!

Gary was disappointed that the walk-in Refrigerator/Freezer project didn’t happen as expected, but there were plenty of other projects to keep him busy.
There was the new guest room in Torrey
and a porch landing to rebuild.
He also got the new dorm rooms closer to finish (though I don’t have any pictures of that) and the last couple of weeks he worked on moving some ductwork in the Rec Hall. Again, I don’t have any pictures of the actual work, but I did get a picture of the completed job. Well, at least from the pretty side!
Those fine registers (or at least their installation) are his handiwork!

If he hadn’t already gone to bed, I’m sure he could list out more projects that he worked on.

Lord willing, there will be a foundation (and maybe even some framing done!)here next summer.

It was a chock-full of fun (and work) summer for us, and as always, we were blessed to be here at Montrose Bible Conference.
But I gotta tell you, and this point we can hear the cabin calling………

Catching up Vol 8, issue 27

Life these days seems to be all about catching up. I’ve got the bills paid, the taxes started (well, I’ve started to collect the stuff I need for the taxes at least), the monthly SOWER newsletter is just about ready to go and it too late to send out those Valentine cards, so I guess it’s about time I catch up with life here on my little corner of the internet. Here goes~ Continue reading Catching up Vol 8, issue 27

Look back – and give thanks

One of our favorite quotes these days is very simple –

As I look back on even just the last month, I can find so many things to give thanks for.


For the work that God has given us.
Everything from re-siding a building –
to installing a snackshop window.
to painting
to sorting and packing clothes
to painting lambs
we were thankful to be able contribute as we were able. Continue reading Look back – and give thanks

Home again, home again, jiggedity jig


The last 8 weeks have been about as fabulous as possible, filled with family, friends, and frivolity, but right now nothing is feeling quite as lovely as being home.
My own bed.
My own shower. (yes, it’s small, but it’s mine (ours!))
My own clutter.
My own stuff.

It’s past time to get my life back into some sort of routine, back into taking care of life business, and back into SOWER work. While I’m working on making all of that happen, I’ll just share a time-lapse of Gary and I building some ductwork for the project here at Montrose. You’ll just have to imagine the racket that was involved!
Building duct work

And now I’m off to do some Cruisin’ Musin’

Saturday wrap-up

Happy weekend, everyone!!! This promises to be a Very Busy Weekend for us (the SOWER TX Round-up starts tomorrow here at Trinity Pines and guess who’s in charge. Yep. Us.) so I figured I’d better get a quick Project Wrap-up done before life totally carries me away…..

We had another great month. Although we started with 10 couples, by the time the project had ended we were up to 23 official SOWERS and a couple of SOWER of soon-to-be SOWERS! Just so you can see how great a ‘cloud of servants’ we were, here’s our group picture.
Now isn’t that a fine looking group of folk?
And, oh my – what we accomplished!! Except for two hardy souls who were cleaning in the dining room, we ladies were painting mavens. Along with lots of touch-up painting in several of the lodges, we also:

  • painted the entire interior of a staff house to get it ready for new occupants,
  • painted 2 sets of outdoor stairs and railings,
  • painted 4 BBQ pits
  • painted ALL the fire hydrants
  • painted a bell tower and the bell and then an additional bell (God Bless those girls on the high ladders!!!)
  • And since we still had two days to go, they had us paint 4 bathrooms in one of the lodges.
    Untitled Untitled

The men were equally as busy – I just don’t have the pictures to show you because I was -you know – busy painting! They were sent out in twos to accomplish plumbing, light-swapping, earth moving, air conditioning, door hanging…you get the drift. They had a long punch list and did a great job punching it all out. Here are just a couple of pictures that I managed to take of the guys working – mostly because I was working (or happened to be walking by) where they were!
Gary fixing a leak in the A/C that was dripping on the walkway to the dining hall. (Taken while walking to lunch. =) )
Jay and John digging a hole for something or other. (Across the way from the house where we were painting.)
Gary showing me the man-lift he got to use to fix the do-hickey that was causing problems. (Near a BBQ I was working on.) You can tell I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to what the guys were doing. All I know is that they got a lot done!!!!
But as always, it wasn’t all about the work. We had some great evenings of fellowship – like the homemade waffles and ice cream night…..
Special thanks to the waffle masters, Charlie and Deanna!
We shared many meals and game nights and the ladies had a very fun afternoon enjoying a lovely lunch and a bit of shopping.
In the short three weeks that we have been here, in the true sense of spring, friendships have been birthed, renewed, and refreshed. Even the trees have gone from barren to that first crisp green of new leaves.
I do not think we could have asked for a more beautiful month!

P.S. If you’d like to see more pictures of our time at Trinity Pines – feel free to check them out HERE!