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We have twelve beautiful grandchildren, ages 1 through 18. Between the large number of kiddos and the fact that we travel full time, it’s been hard to develop close relationships with each grand. Which is why we have made it a practice to take them one at a time the summer that they’re ten (10) for a little adventure with Grams and Pops! While most of the time these adventures are spaced out by a couple of years, this summer we had a two-fer! You might remember Noah’s Delawarean Adventure back in early August. Last month we took one of our Waco boys on his great adventure to Galveston, TX!
What a grand time we had! We spent lots of time just enjoying the campground (Jamaica Beach RV Resort),
but also explored the Space Center in Houston
took a Duck Boat Tour (a first for all of us!)
checked out Moody Gardens
and learned about off-shore drilling at a museum at on the Gulf.
(Full disclosure – that probably wasn’t his favorite activity, but we enjoyed it and I think he learned something along the way!)
Mini golf, ferry rides, and ice cream!

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So much goodness and so many memories. It was a wonderful week and we’re so thankful for the one-on-one time we had with Weston (and all his cousins before him!).

You know I took a couple more pictures, right? Check them out HERE if you’d like!

Look back – and give thanks

One of our favorite quotes these days is very simple –

As I look back on even just the last month, I can find so many things to give thanks for.


For the work that God has given us.
Everything from re-siding a building –
to installing a snackshop window.
to painting
to sorting and packing clothes
to painting lambs
we were thankful to be able contribute as we were able. Continue reading Look back – and give thanks