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Whatcha Doin’?

One of the first questions SOWERS ask their host (and each other) is “What will we be doing?” As we visited with our friends who were here last month, they shared that they had been painting and cleaning and painting (ladies) and remodeling bathroom (guys). Sounded a bit like this month would be very similar to last month. And that was ok – we do what needs to be done. However, when our host saw Gary’s A/C background, he started making a list of all the A/C units and refrigeration that needed to be checked or cleaned or repaired. In fact, Gary is already lined up to install a new unit at the director’s house! I’m pretty sure he’ll stay plenty busy. And just as I was getting ready to pull out the paint clothes for another month, I got a pleasant surprise. He saw my “5” level (which means I did it as a job) for office work, and asked if I would like to work in the office! Um, yesssss. I might just be running the copy machine and scanning receipts, but still and all – it makes this girl happy!
In other good news – the sun came out today. ūüôā
(That’s the view from the office door! Sweet, eh?)
And the sunset tonight –
Oh. My.
So the question has been asked and answered. Once again, we’re right where we’re supposed to be!
It’s so good to be friends with the Man with the Plan!

A bit of randomness

1. Not so random, but certainly late – I wanted to thank you all for the sweet anniversary wishes! We had a fun¬†day, driving to Boise with friends and checking out the downtown Farmers’ Market and doing a quick walk-through of the Capitol Building (that’s two down and 48 to go!). It was a lovely, lovely day!

IMG_1088_edited-1 IMG_1090

2. Although we didn’t have a huge celebration on our anniversary DAY (though we were delighted to Facetime with all the kiddos), we did just finalize plans to take our very first cruise!!! It’s not until early April, but we are pretty excited about it! We’ll be going with good SOWER friends, sailing from Galveston and checking out the Western Caribbean ports of Cozumel (MX), Belize City (Belize), and Roatan (Honduras). Now if I could just figure out what Gary will be wearing on those two ‘formal nights’. Thrift shops, here we come!

3. We said good-bye to an old friend yesterday.
This little piece of Pampered Chef stoneware has been with us since the beginning. It’s outlived three toaster ovens, and heated up countless pizza slices and hotdogs. It’s roasted vegetables, cooked many dinners-for-two (from fish to pork to chicken), and even baked a cookie or two¬†in its day. As you can tell – it’s very well seasoned! (It’s supposed to look like that, right?). When I noticed that significant crack a couple of weeks ago I became quite concerned. I wasn’t sure we could continue without it. Thanks to eBay, I found a replacement and was delighted to start breaking it in.
But I wasn’t quite ready to give up on our old friend. Until last night.
It broke apart in my hand as I was lifting it out of the sink. And not even at the crack I was worried about! Thanks for all the (yummy) memories, my old friend.

4. We’re parked just a bit away from the RV parking area this month.
Main parking –
Our spot….
It’s nice a quiet here in the ‘backyard’ and we also have the bonus of beautiful sunrises,
and some equally beautiful end-of-day skies!
So even though we might not be parked in the ‘thick of things’, we are very content.

5. Both Gary and I are terrible lonesome for our kids and grands these days. Although I saw them all in early May, Gary hasn’t been able to hug any of them since Christmas. So when I realized that I had a Picaboo coupon that was about to expire, it only seemed proper that I make up a couple of posters of the Grands and the Cabin (another thing we’re missin’ these days.)


OK, it’s not quite a hug (or morning coffee in front of the fireplace), but it helps!

6. For reasons unknown to us, our window awning straps seem to have become the local hangout for the neighborhood yellow jackets.
When I noticed a similar (and a bit more intense) gathering on the bedroom strap
it seemed time to take action, and out came the hornet spray. Sorry guys, but we really didn’t want to take you with us when we left town next week.

7. There are some great sunflowers here!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

First of all, I want to thank those of you who pop over here regularly, hoping to see something new! Thank you for your patience and perseverance – I really do appreciate it! I have come up with a work-around for the almost zilch internet that reaches into our motorhome by coming over to a nearby building when I can to play a bit of catch-up. Mostly I’ve been working on the monthly newsletter I put together for SOWERS, and paying bills and other life chores, but today, with that newsletter just about done, I thought I’d try to do a bit of RVThereYet catch-up! And to that end, I figured I’d start with Yesterday.

Ok, not the actual yesterday – that was a pretty standard Monday, but instead the ‘yesterday’ of last month, since I never did do any kind of wrap-up from our time at Standing Stones, located just outside the fun little cowboy town of Wickenburg, AZ.
I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but we had such a good project! One of the things that I especially loved about this project (aside from the people, the weather and that HOT TUB), was the diversity of work. I guess I’m only speaking for my half of the RVThereYet team, since Gary was pretty much installing those A/C units the whole time. But from my point of view –¬†
I started out on the decorating team for the Friends of the Ministry ‘Gala”,
moved to doing a bit of slice and dice for the actual day,
jumped into some deep cleaning once the festivities were over
and ended up our time there squeezing and sectioning a bazillion (more or less) grapefruit!
We had a great team of ladies, and serving together with them was a joy!
And over at the construction side of the property, the guys made amazing progress. Gary got all the A/C units hooked up and (all but one) running. Joe got the electrical straightened out, the entire exterior was painted and the rest of the framing was (as far as this girl could tell) about done.
We supported the local economy by checking out the local eateries (maybe more than we should’ve),

explored the excellent Cowboy Museum in town (and just a couple of the gift shops)
and even took in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater put on by the church we’d been attending. (Gary won the Clueless Award for the silly responses he put on the “So who done it?” card. The cactus did it? Really? Silly guy!)
All in all, it was an A+ month. There were several other volunteers there (most were from Mission Builders, a ministry similar to SOWERS, but one had come all the way from Norway!) and we all just blended together – working, praying and playing. I’m pretty sure this is just a small taste of what heaven will be like!

If you’d like to see some additional photos from our time at Standing Stones, you can check out the album HERE!

More South Dakota Favorites

I know I’ve shared about the dust blowing on the prairie and about the dust flying in the RV, but¬†South Dakota has lots more to offer than opportunities for Dust.

  1. It seems that every week we make a trip into Sioux Falls.
    IMG_5440It’s about 70 miles, so you need to be very prepared and organized. On each of our two trips (so far – at least one more is in our future) we’ve made at least 5 stops. There’s no point in sharing pictures of Costco or Menards or Lowes or the Ophthalmologist office, but did you know that Sioux Falls actually has Sioux Falls? Untitled
    Even at dusk on an overcast day, it was still quite lovely. I can only imagine the area after a good rain!
  2. Although I would have to say that the green hills of Vermont will always be my favorite landscape, I am totally in love with the beauty of this area.
  3. This town. Don was raised here in Howard, moved away and raised his family. When he and Jenny were making plans to full-time RV, they chose to use Howard as their home base. They came back to the family homestead, carved out 5 acres and built a big ol’metal building to house their RV, their farm truck and back hoe and Jenny’s 1940 Stinson.
    UntitledUntitledUntitledIt also has a two bedroom apartment that is slowly being finished off. They just got their kitchen installed in September and we’ve been having a grand time cooking up a storm! IMG_5444 But aside from enjoying their work-in-progress house/hanger/garage, we’ve enjoyed being welcomed into this small family-oriented farming and ranching community. We’ve been included in birthday celebrations, impromptu runs to the local coffee shop, and met most of the neighbors.
  4. This Family. This weekend their son and family came out for a long weekend. It was such a delight to be included in the weekend’s fun – everything from a walk to the neighboring ranch
    to my first ever attempt at skeet shooting.
    Untitled(They were safe with me!)
  5. This. Every night. UntitledUntitledUntitled Untitled

    ¬† ¬† Yes indeed – we’re finding lots to love about South Dakota and Howard in particular!

    Oh, how are the renovations coming, you ask?
    Moving right along, thank you. Yes, we’re moving right along!