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Bullet Points

Hello October!!!! We’re in a new month and at a new location, so it seems like a good idea to get this little corner of the internet caught up and back on track! Perhaps the most efficient way to accomplish that is do do it in ‘bullet points’, so here goes:

      • Too much time has passed to really go in depth about our time at our Vermont Cabin, but let me tell you once again, how critical those three weeks are to our mental health.
        If you’d like to see more photos from our Vermont vacation, you can check them out HERE.
      • Spending the day in Waco with our son and family (especially little Anderson who we hadn’t seen since he was 10 weeks old) did our hearts good!
      • Getting together with fellow SOWERS at the “Western Wound-up” (i.e. SOWER Rally in Oregon) was SO. MUCH.FUN.  It was lovely to not be in charge of anything, and just enjoy all of the fellowship and fun.  We don’t often get to work on the West Coast, so this was a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and connect with others that we did know!  From Silly
        to Serious
        it was a wonderful time!  More pictures of the sweet craziness HERE!
      • We meet this super talented double neck guitar player, Mark Kroos, and his sweet wife at the Rally, where he wowed us with his guitar playing.
        Mark and Nora Kroos
        We were so impressed with Mark’s incredible talent, that we wanted to spread the word about him!

        Check him out!
      • After the Rally we were back in Lindale, TX getting ready for the Trustee Meeting. I even got the dashboard sorta-kinda decorated for fall! Sometimes it’s the little things…..
      • So the Board meeting.
        2018-19 Trustees
        All went very well, and when all was said and done, this happened –
        Should be an interesting (and hopefully productive) year!
      • With the Trustee meeting in our taillights, we were headed to our October/November SOWER project at Oakridge Ministries In Anadarko, OK. (See the “Where are we now” for more details!) We made it a two day trip so we could connect with some SOWER buddies that we don’t get to see often enough!
        Such a wonderful perk of our life on the road is making these (somewhat) random connections!
      • And that brings us up to date! We arrived here at Oakridge on Friday, and started work today!
      • Oh, before I forget – Happy 5th Birthday to this little cutie!Reis
        These kids need to slow down in the growing up department!

      Thanks for hanging out with me as I’ve brought you up to date. Maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so quiet over here in this new month! I wonder what exactly “Back on Track” will look like?

Look back – and give thanks

One of our favorite quotes these days is very simple –

As I look back on even just the last month, I can find so many things to give thanks for.


For the work that God has given us.
Everything from re-siding a building –
to installing a snackshop window.
to painting
to sorting and packing clothes
to painting lambs
we were thankful to be able contribute as we were able. Continue reading Look back – and give thanks

Rough Day

It all started out with such promise. Since it was our last day in Hitchcock before we moved to our next project (just 20 miles or so up the road), we decided to take one last trip to Galveston. The sun was shining, the projected temperature was close to 80, and we figured folks were too busy shopping to be doing lots of touristy things. Perfect, right?

We took the fact that we were held up for about 15 minutes at a train crossing in stride. We were in no hurry since we had left plenty of time to see some sights.
We didn’t even mind to much when above mentioned train blocked the way to our destination.

It was just the excuse we needed to enjoy an expensive cup of coffee and watch the traffic go by.
When the train finally moved down the tracks (or maybe it moved up the tracks – whatever), we moved the truck from the free Starbucks parking spot and parked it in an all-day parking spot. After we paid our $12.00, Gary went back to put the stub on the dashboard. That was when he realized he’d locked the keys in the truck. UGH.
Oh well, that’s what you have roadside assistance for, right? Made the call, confirmed it would be about an hour and decided to check out “the Strand” – the historic shopping district that happened to be just a block away.
Great walk, lovely architecture and a sweet way to spend an hour.
We wandered back to the parking lot and checked in with our Roadside Assistance folks. Yep, looks like it was going to be another 45 minutes or so.
That’s OK, we just hung around the Jimmy John’s that was adjoining the parking lot and continued to wait.
Hey – I wonder what those guys are doing up on that mast. Sure would be fun to check it out. AFTER the lock-out service guy gets here.
Finally, after a two hour wait (but that’s okay, we still had time to do stuff), the rescuer arrived. In a giant tow truck.
Seemed a bit of overkill for a mere lockout, but whatever.
At last! The keys had been retrieved and we were on our way!
We weren’t deterred when a train ONCE AGAIN blocked our way to the pier
but the wait was short, and with keys in hand we headed to the Pier 21 Theater to see “The Great Storm” about the hurricane that hit Galveston in 1900 and claimed at least 6000 lives. Imagine our dismay when we discovered that the theater is closed on Tuesdays. (Honest, we had researched this theater – OPEN DAILY was plainly displayed on all the advertising.) We were disappointed, but pressed on to our next destination – the Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum. We had heard how interesting it was and it was the main destination of our excursion.
I’d love to share pictures of the tour and museum, but alas, it was when we went to purchase the tickets that we realized that Gary no longer had his wallet. And that was the real show stopper for the day. We carefully retraced our steps, thoroughly checked the area where we had been waiting for the lockout guy, looked everywhere in and around the truck and finally accepted that it was gone. Last known sighting was at the Jimmy Johns outdoor eating area, and if we somehow left it behind it was almost an hour before we got back to look for it. Plenty of time for it to walk away. In someone’s pocket. We left our name at the sandwich shop (hope springs eternal!), stopped at the police department (they don’t actually do ‘lost article’ incidents?), and began a very quiet drive home. So far we’ve cancelled the credit cards, requested replacements on other cards (Medicare, etc.) and put a temporary fraud alert on the major credit reporting websites. Tomorrow we’ll head to the DMV for a drivers licence replacement. We’re very thankful that we never carry all our credit cards, and that new cards will be in our hands tomorrow and in the days following.
We know that even THIS horrible-terrible-bad-day (in our perspective) is not outside of God’s plan for us. So while we’re praying that that lil’ol wallet may still be returned, we’re content in knowing that all is well. We’re healthy, and fed, and loved. Guess a little inconvenience is just part of the plan. I hope we’ve learned whatever lesson it is He’s trying to teach us. =)

Thanks for listening!