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That’s The Pioneer Woman, of course!
Long before HGTV, TV appearances, and her social media presence, I was a Pioneer Woman groupie! I entered her contests (along with thousands others) to win that Kitchen-Aid mixer or a fancy pair of boots, and thoroughly enjoyed her fun blogs about life on the ranch, homeschooling, photography and delicious ranch recipes! I even own her very first cookbook (though these days it doesn’t get opened very often!). Since we don’t get the Food Network with our little OTA antenna I’ve never watched more than a random episode of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, but I still check in with her blog from time to time. And of course, we’re Facebook friends. =)
Anywho – since we within tourist driving distance from Pawhuska, OK – home to The Pioneer Woman Phenomenon – we decided to take a little road trip for our anniversary! It was a pretty fine day all around!
We started at The Mercantile (a 100+ year old building that I watched her refurbish on her blog back in the day)
Super fun store filled with lots of beautiful things that I totally resisted buying.
Can you see how I blended right in?
Matching suitcases
There were, however some pastries that were unable to be resisted.
After our treat at the store we headed out to The Lodge – which was open for touring that day! Like the “Merc”, I had watched this being remodeled back in the day. Since it’s also the location of her cooking show, it’s not always available for tours so we were delighted that the day we picked was an open day! It was also surprisingly not busy!
The Lodge
The Lodge
Here we are, in the kitchen whey they film her show.
The Lodgw
So fun!!
The view was fabulous, even with the melancholy sky.
The Lodge
The Lodge
It was a stunning ‘guest house’, and so fun to see in person.
We returned to town for a final look around, and some very delicious lunch.
And I had a very handsome lunch date to boot!
Lunch Date
(Fun Fact – the food was excellent and not outrageously expensive. But those glasses of ice tea and lemonade? 25 cents for a bottomless mug!)
With our tummies full, we began the drive home. We stopped in Bartlesville on the way to check out the ONLY skyscraper that Frank Lloyd Wright designed – the Price Tower.
Price Tower - by FLW
Price Tower
I can’t say I was enamored by it – but at least we can say we’ve seen it! (Another item to put on that bucket list so I can cross it off!)

Our sweet anniversary day was drawing to a close, but it had lovely ending – a beautiful bouquet and calls from all the kids.
Anniversary flowers

We don’t often have such flagrant touristy days anymore, so it was a great way to celebrate our 50th. You know I took more pictures, so if you’d like to see more of them, you can check them out HERE!

Thank you for all of the Happy Anniversary wishes and greetings! It was lovely to hear from so many of you!