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Thankful Day 7

Now that the political commercials have ceased, the ballots counted and the dust has settled, I just want to say how thankful I am the I live in a country where we have free elections. There have been victories and there have been defeats. Probably, you’ve experienced some of both. It was that kind of an election. But to live in a country where we have the right and the privilege to engage in the process of electing our officials is not something I take for granted.  With all of it’s flaws, I’m still so very thankful that I can call myself an American!
Memorial Day 2011

Today I am thankful….

that’s it’s the last day of election/political commercials. I know you are too! But the mechanics of my life make it all the more annoying confusing.
Since we are currently IN Oklahoma, I’m learning more than I want to know about the various races in this state.

Since we used to ‘domicile’ (and vote) in Florida, I’m getting text messages and phone calls about those races.

Since I signed up for my Pandora station when I (briefly) used an South Dakota mailing address, when I listen to music I hear about those contests.

And since I still have a Pennsylvania phone number, I even occasionally get a text or call about those.

What I haven’t received is ANY candidate information from Texas, where I actually DO vote.

All I can say, is wherever you are – VOTE!!!!