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Full arms, Full hearts

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Waco to greet our newest grandson, and love on the rest of our Waco clan!
It was a super sweet couple of days, where we snuggled with the littles and hung out with the not so littles!
It was a laid back couple of days
and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the kiddos. Little Deacon spent Saturday night back in the hospital, enjoying a ‘spa day’ under the lights (the dreaded bilirubin count was getting higher instead of lower), but by morning his ‘numbers’ were back in the right range, and he was home Sunday afternoon.  God is good!

We did have a opportunity to see some friends, make sure a couple of our favorite Waco eateries were still delicious, and even stopped at the Parrott Ave house and greet the new owners. (Yikes, I know that was risky, but we had a gate opener that we wanted to return so it seemed like a legitimate reason to stop. They were delighted to officially meet us, and remain totally thrilled with the house. I confess it did our hearts good to know that all was well!)

We left Waco knowing we wouldn’t see these darling kids until next summer, but oh so very thankful for Facetime and Skype and any of the other miracles of technology that allow us to watch ALL these babies grow!

Today we had another addition to the family! This very day we welcomed this sweet ride into our family-
Not as exciting as that little Deacon, but still a pretty big deal in our world!
Thanks for joining in our JOY!
PSSST – if you’d like to see a couple more photos of those cute grandboys – you can check them out HERE!

Things they are a’ changin’

Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say – things they are a ‘changin back.
Two years ago I shared how we had purchased this sweet house in Waco

It seemed weird, at the time, that even though we were in Pennsylvania we could buy a house in Texas. Ah, the magic of technology.
So today it didn’t seem quite so weird that even though we are (again!)in Pennsylvania we have been able to sell a house in Texas.

It was a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell (in a distant kind of way) to little bit of Waco, but I must confess that it was much nicer to see money arrive in our bank account rather than have it get sucked out. We wish the new owners much joy in the house, and pray they love it as much as we did!
But we’re not done with Waco. Not by a long shot. Even though the Parrott Ave (aka the PAZOO) Era is over, there is still lots to love about Waco. No, it’s not Chip and Joanna. It’s the friends we’ve made over the 10 years of our Waco connection and of course it’s these guys most of all –J&A&family
Yes, Waco – We’ll be baaaaack!!!

Wrapping up the Reno

In all fairness, this wasn’t a traditional ‘renovation’. No walls were moved, no windows replaced and no floors were ripped up.  The really important part of this reno is invisible to the naked eye, since it is all inside the walls or in the attic.
But as to the parts that you CAN see – I thought I’d share a couple of “before” and “afters” before I share some other Really Big News!
Closets aren’t the most exciting spaces in any house, but I really enjoyed rehabbing these two spaces right down to the shiplap!
Hall Closet before:
Hall Closet after:
Upstairs attic before –
and After –

Then there were the two bathrooms. In all honestly they both could’ve used an big update. But that wasn’t really in the cards (or budget!). So with the first floor bath we painted and changed up the mirror just a bit and basically shined the place up!
Here it is before we started –
Bath Done-2
Bath Done-3
And here it is After (Photo by the realtor’s photographer!)
The upstairs bathroom had all sorts of complications – a claw foot tub, a green ceiling, louvered doors on the closet….it really was just more than I could wrap my head around. So I took down the shower curtain, gave everything a good cleaning and shine and called it a day. When I saw the photo from the photographer, I was very pleased!! Still needs to be updated, but it really didn’t look too bad!
Upstairs bath
Our other big – and last to get done – project were the stairs to the second floor. The carpet had been removed years ago, and there was just never a good time to deal with refinishing or painting those stairs.
We put it off until the end because there STILL wasn’t a good time to tie up those stairs. So there was a pretty hard push at the end to get three coats of paint and then three coast of polyurethane on those steps. But when it was all said and done – we were very pleased!
Oh – and the shed!! We can’t take credit for the actual painting of the shed (the house painters did that!), but my how pleased we are with the change it made!
Before –
After –
Shed Painted

HERE’S a link to the listing with all the photographs that were taken by the realtor’s photographer. Even I was like – this is MY house?????

OK – enough “before” and “afters”. The whole house was quite transformed, even without any walls being moved or rooms being redesigned. The “Coming Soon” sign when up last Wednesday and it was supposed to be officially listed on Tuesday (19th). By special permission an out of town buyer came to see in on Friday night. His realtor had another couple interested in it so they took an early look also. By Saturday morning, three days before it was officially listed, we had a full asking price/no contingencies offer. We signed the papers on Monday (after we put a final coat of polyurethane on those stairs!), and baring any unforeseen complications, settlement is scheduled for early August. Our heads are kinda spinning right now – but one thing we are doing is packing up and moving on out!! Pennsylvania (with a stop in Ohio to hug some grandkids (and their parents!)) here we come!!
Thanks for coming along on this Waco Reno journey!

Sorry – here’s one more of the front of the house…..
Before –
After –

Big Week in Waco

I can’t say it was a big week in Waco for everyone, but it was a big week for us at the Waco Reno!

  • We made big progress on the electric upgrade front. After passing our Temporary Final Inspection (who knew there was such a thing), the electric company came and actually moved the service to the new meter and breaker box.
    This was a really big step forward because it not only meant that we (who am I kidding here – there is no WE in the electric department. It’s all Gary!) could move forward with finishing up the whole upgrade, but we now had enough power to run the central A/C.  (And in central Texas in June, that’s a very good thing!)  By the middle of the week, the Final Final was Finally Done!!! Yippee!! It was a long road getting here, but the house is all up to code!
  • The house painting is moving right along! It was several weeks of getting it ready to paint (they started before I left for my Girls’ Week smorgasbord) so it was wonderful to see the paint arrive Untitledand the color going on!
    I’m going to wait until it’s all done to share a the “big reveal”, but here’s a quick preview of the porch
    I’m really excited about how it’s coming out!  They should be done by mid-week. =)
  • The insulation guy and the gutter guy will be here by the end of the week, and that will be the end of the contract work we have scheduled.  That also means that the rest of the work will fall to us.
  • We signed with a realtor and set a target date of June 19th to have it all photographed and listed on the MLS. Yikes!! That’s just over a week to get all the finishing touches done, along with getting all of OUR stuff (mostly tools and supplies) out of the house.
  • I believe that to the best of our ability, the second floor is done. The walls and trim have all been painted. All the doors work (not always a given in a 100 year old house), the windows have been washed, and floors (though not perfect by any means) are as clean as I can get them.   If you have a couple of minutes – here’s a little video tour of the second floor!

So the next ten days will pretty busy too!! But I do believe we can see the end of the tunnel much more clearly now!

Thanks for stopping by!


Painting Trim

To say there is a fair bit of trim in this sweet Waco house is quite the understatement. It wasn’t all in bad shape, but if you’ve ever tried to match old white trim paint – well, it just seemed simpler to give it all a fresh coat. We’re not talking big change here – but I think you can see where the new paint on the right looks better than the old paint on the left.
So let’s look at this room (it’s the smallest room in the house) and just see how much trim there is. There are those two windows (in the picture above) and then two more windows in the front, along with a door to the living room.
At the other end of the room is a closet, the door to the hallway, and a cupboard.
Oh, and six inch baseboard all around.
Every day I fill up my paint ‘jug’ and paint until it’s empty. In the six days that I’ve been painting trim I’ve gone through 1.5 gallons of trim paint, painted 17 windows, six solid doors, one set of french doors, 12 door or room openings, and haven’t even made it to the second floor.
I will confess to getting pretty agile with a 2″ roller and I’m developing a solid ‘cutting in’ technique.
Pretty sure I’m going have to move my SOWER Skill Sheet (graded on a 0 (can’t do it) to 5 (it was my job)) painting level up to a solid 3.
Maybe even a 3.5 (if there is such a thing!).
With another 11 windows, 8 doors/doorways and 2 book shelves (and 4235 +/- feet of baseboard) waiting for me on the second floor, I’ll be making a trip back to the paint counter at Lowes soon!
Oh – did I mention the stairway?
Yeah, that gets painted too.

Thanks for stopping by (and listening to me whine!! Sorry!).