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Visiting our old friend

The Dreyer Lodge Attic at Montrose Bible Conference
(HERE‘s one of the blog posts about our time in the attic back in the summers of ’12 and ’13)

It’s been a couple of summers since we had the need to climb up there, but with a possible broken wire Gary knew he had to start at the top. Since he’d run a couple miles of wire during the installation, it was a bit daunting to try and find the problem.
We couldn’t find any obvious breaks, so we moved to the control panel downstairs.
Thankfully, he found the problem in the panel and it was a fairly easy fix. Phew. It would’ve been trouble indeed if a wire had broken in the wall!

With the A/C problem fixed and the piping begun for the walk-in refrigeration unit, it looks like we’ll be able to head to Vermont tomorrow as planned! Yippee! Guess it’s time for me to go and over-pack!