In the very beginning

The following post was published on August 3, 2004. A whopping three days into our journey (which as of today is on day 6581). I’ve updated it today with some current thoughts –

Things I have learned so far~~ (on Day 3??)

Everyone else on the road does not know that you are beginning an entirely new phase of your life. Nor do they particularly care. Oh Well.
They still don’t know if it’s our first trip – or our 147th. And it’s probably better that way. We have lots of company on the road these days though, that’s for sure.

The Walmart outside of Shrewsbury, MA cleans their parking lots with street cleaners around 3AM on Mondays. They especially like to circle RVs that are parked on their lot.
We haven’t been to that Walmart lately (we later learned that they don’t actually allow overnight parking there – oops), but we still use a Walmart parking lot or Rest Area for a quick overnight every now and again. We can crank up the generator, watch a little TV, and get a (pretty) good night’s sleep.

It’s good to get on the train to Boston at the first station. You’re almost always guaranteed a seat.
This remains good advice. I still remember how packed that train was when we reached the city!

Boston IS amazing.
Yep. You should go sometime!

Being deployed to the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor is the 2nd best deployment in the US Navy. The first is working for the President.
No way to personally check this, but I imagine it’s true. Google could neither confirm or deny.

Sitting outside under our awning visiting with Gary’s aunt and uncle is a wonderful way to end any day.
What precious visits they were! Both are in now joyously in heaven, but oh what I wouldn’t give to sit under the awning  with them again!

~~We’re hanging in this area (outside of Boston) for a couple more days. Hopefully we will get to see some additional family, and some of the other sights in this general area. Tomorrow we have designated to do some housekeeping and re-arranging of the life we have tried to fit into this RV. Oh, and I get to give Gary a hair cut. New adventures for us all!
Gary is still trusting me with his haircuts. I think there’s one scheduled for this weekend too!

Stay in touch, OK?


Whether you’ve been coming along with us for this entire journey (I know there are a couple of you out there!) or you’ve just joined in the adventure recently – I’m so thankful to share this little corner of the internet with you! Thanks for coming along!
PS – check out that clean dashboard in the header picture! Ah – in the very beginning…..

Sabbath Rest – Take Shelter

If you’ve been stopping by here on Sundays for the past several years, you’ve probably noticed how much I’ve enjoy the music coming out of Getty Music. And maybe you’ve also noticed that I’m an Andrew Peterson groupie. So when I saw this new hymn from the Getty Team and Skye Peterson (Andrew’s daughter), I had to take a listen. And I’m so glad I did! Praying this hymn blesses you also!

When the nations rage and death is at the door
When the wars are waged as they have been before
There’s a refuge that I run to
A respite from my fear
Nothing in this world can harm me here

When my song of hope is swallowed by the pain
As the weariness of grief floods in again
Will you find me in the valley
Oh hear my helpless cry
Hold me as a mother holds her child

And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God
And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God

When a greater war had torn apart my soul
And the iron hold of sin would not let go
All of heaven stormed the darkness
In the power of the cross
I’m freed beneath the banner of His love

And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God
And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God

When the labors of this fleeting life are done
As the shadows fall we’ll see the lights of home
And then all our present troubles
Will be stories of the past
Safe within His gates we’ll find our rest

And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God
And I’ll take shelter
Take shelter in the loving arms of God

Written by Kristyn Getty, Skye Peterson, & Ben Shive. © 2022 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) / Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP) / Junkbox Music (ASCAP) / adm at

Four Day Work Weeks

Let’s be honest, there is nothing NOT to like about only working four days a week.  And let’s remember they are shortened days at that – 6 hours for Gary,  about 4 for me.  So every Thursday afternoon we are happy that, for us, the work week is over. This week I must confess we were not only happy, we were H.A.P.P.Y.  Not that the work was especially hard, but it seemed that the reentry back into ‘real life’ after two weeks at the cabin was just harder than usual.   My body seemed to be constantly calling for a nap, and I was so achy that I actually took a COVID test to make sure that that little gift hadn’t returned! Negative. Phew.  By Wednesday (and our little styrofoam adventure) I was beginning to come out of my achy fog, and I’m happy to report that things are pretty much back to normal.  I probably had a touch of ‘something’ – but it seems to have moved on, so for that I am thankful! Sorry for the whining. If that was over-sharing, my apologies!

So – our week. We’re on our own this month – and there is plenty for us to do! Our primary project is the Bethany House – an older home right across the street from us that has been anything from staff housing, snack shop, accommodations for retreats, and who knows what else. It’s getting a major overhaul to turn it back into a single family dwelling in anticipation of the arrival of a new program director.
This is the same house that the guys were concentrating on last month – pulling up the carpeting and other miscellaneous flooring
and getting started on prepping the upstairs for painting.
Two coats of primer, two coats of finish. They got a good start on things last month, but we knew there was still plenty to do! We returned to a small addition to the list – all the closets and all the trim (in all 5 rooms, hallway and bath) needed to be painted white. So – two coats of primer, two coats of semi-gloss. Like I said, plenty to do!

Here’s the hallway – the one area that kept its paneling-
The two of the best parts about this job is that Gary starts earlier than I do and when I arrive, he has my bucket filled with paint and just directs me to the trim in need of some semi-gloss. (In other words, I have a really great boss!) The other plus is that since all of these floors are being resurfaced we don’t have to worry about the getting paint on them. And let me tell you, that is one long line of cutting in that just doesn’t have to happen! We’ll take all the blessings we can when it comes to painting.
Next week – we’ll be painting. When we started out as SOWERs, I really didn’t like painting. But after we did that little reno in Waco a couple of years ago, let’s just say paint and I have come to an understanding. Especially with white semi-gloss! Even with my yucky start, I think we still got a fair bit accomplished by the end of the week. God is good!
By Friday I was more than ready for a couple of ‘no alarm’ mornings. The laundry was wrapped up, the credit card statements were printed and reconciled, I got a good start on the SOWER newsletter, and several naps were logged. Tonight started a new week here at Odosagih Bible Conference where we enjoyed a concert by Sherry Anne. It was quite a concert/inspirational evening, especially given that Sherry Anne was born with a bilateral hearing and speech impairment. We were blessed indeed!
Pretty sure tomorrow will be a ‘no alarm’ morning as well, since church is at 10:30, and it’s across the street. Every week, along with a Saturday night concert, there is also a different guest speaker. And we’ve been fed the Word at each service we’ve been to.  How kind it is for God to have placed us here!

OK – that’s about it for the week. It had a pretty slow start, but it all ended well! Once again, God has proven faithful!
Have a blessed Lord’s Day, friends!

Just when you thought…

…life was nice and settled, along comes a little curve ball! We returned from our lovely two weeks at the cabin to find this when we opened the door.
I’m not sure if you can see it, but there are tiny white ‘things’ sprinkled on the floor and on our shoe rack. They were not there when we left.  Hmmm. I couldn’t tell right away just what that debris was but eventually realized that one of the louvers on an A/C duct had been chewed off.
Uh-Oh. Something was partying in the house while we were away! It had been a long travel day, so we cleaned up the mess, taped over the louver,  brought in the refrigerator stuff, and pretty much went to bed. The next day we did a little more investigating (checked the roof, etc) to see if we could figure out where something could’ve gotten in (knowing full well that small rodents (we’re thinking mouse or chipmunk) don’t need much space to gain entry.) But all seemed secure (ha!), we didn’t hear any other activity, and while we couldn’t figure out for the life of us the reason the louver was all chewed up, we settled back and chose to believe that all was well (except for the need to replace that one vent!).
Ha, again! Today turned into a scorcher so we turned on the AC at lunch time. As soon as the fan came on we were in the midst a snow shower of Styrofoam! Looks like our guest(s) had been around for a little longer than we thought. Thankfully not all of the vents were open, so the snowing was limited, but when we took down all the vent covers (all 12 of them) there was plenty of Styrofoam in each one.
And all those vents? Once we dumped out the snow,
Was I supposed to be cleaning those on a regular basis? Well, regardless of my previous cleaning history, they are now ALL cleaned and reinstalled. Before they were put back (I almost typed ‘before we put them back’ but you know who really did the putting back, right?)I tried to get some photos of the interior of the ductwork – not so very successfully as you can see.
Is that a hole back there?
Gary ‘Great Stuff’ed areas that he could get to that wouldn’t hamper the air flow, tried to fill some outside spots that looked like they might be points of entry, and started up the A/C. He hadn’t put the vents back on yet, so there was still a bit of snow, but cooling was happening!! Yea!!!
Of course, there is no guarantee that the entry OR the visitor problem has been solved, but I do think we’ll sleep a little easier tonight. But trust me – if I hear one little nibble sound, that man of mine is getting getting awakened pretty darn quick!

Also, some hornets have decided that the generator cabinet at the front of the RV is a good place to build a home.  Enjoy your evening, little demons, tomorrow you will die.


August 1, 2004. It’s been eighteen years since we “quit our jobs and ran away from home.” This month I’ll be sharing a sprinkling of posts from those eighteen years (and there are 1,971 of them to choose from) that will hopefully represent just a glimpse of this amazing adventure our Lord has led us on! I’ll confess right now that my blogging platform has changed several times over these years, and I seem to have lost some pictures into cyberspace. But here’s a post with pictures from less than a month before we left – July 9, 2004 :
Here’s the question….
How do you fit this:

into THIS:

But somehow, we did! And 18 years later we’re still driving that same faithful RV around! So watch for little snippets of  this grand 18 year journey, that began as an adventure and has turned into a our life! And what a wonderful life it has been (and continues to be!).

Thanks for coming along!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!