Leaving Doylestown

Well, before we actually began our travels, we first had to say good-bye to some dear friends. Of the many good friends who supported us through the research for this trip (that means we dragged them to countless RV shows and bored them with more information that they ever wanted to know), helped us get the house ready to sell (each time we put it on the market!), and helped us downsize and reorganize ourselves so that we would fit into our new home…..none were more critical to our journey that our dear friends, Joe & Janet Ikoniak – without whom I don’t think this whole trip would have come together (or at least we wouldn’t have left on time!).

And one last hug for and from our son Josiah –

One thought on “Leaving Doylestown”

  1. Oh! I love all these pictures! You got everything to work perfectly! 🙂

    Have you sent an email to everyone on your mailing list telling them to check out your site?

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