On our way

We’re off to Plymouth and Cape Cod, MA. This has been a lovely weekend just hangin’ around the ol’ RV. Met some fellow travelers, did a little shopping for supplies and even cooked a couple of nice dinners. We’re ready to go in the morning – Plimouth Plantation will be our first destination (after we drop off Lizzie at the campground we will be staying at). If I can get a good internet connection, I’ll try to post again tomorrow. And maybe get those pictures on line. I seem to be having some html difficulties!
Thanks for all your prayers….

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  1. No one posted a comment yet for your entry of the 15th so I thought I’d say “Hi” It seems like you’ve gotten off to a good start, albeit perhaps a little more eventful than you might have hoped (what with Gary’s wallet experience and all)

    I sympathize with the trauma of driving a big motor home in some tough/tight places. I can remember years ago Newage had a 30′ outfitted to display equipment. I pulled it into a gas station and got a little too close to one of those short steel columns they use to protect the four corners of the gas pump island. It pushed in and dragged along the side (I never realized it because I was going slow and the fiberglass body makes very little sound when you’re scraping across it) When it got to the rear wheel opening it popped right in. Now I couldn’t go forward or backward because the column was tucked nicely inside the wheel well. Took me about 30 tiny little moves and the help of two people pushing in on the fiberglass side to finally get out of there.

    I find your schedule interesting (ah, the life of leisure) When we did Mystic we took in the sea port, aquarium and Nautilus all in one day (we’re always first on line for everything) I hope that while in MA you got the chance to go whale watching, that was an experience I won’t forget. We got close enough to smell whale breath (and they have really bad breath!)

    If you head up to Maine I hope you have a chance to check out Ex President Bush’s house in Kennebunkport. (careful, more narrow streets) Also there is a really cool (very picturesque) lighthouse not far from there. When we were there the McDonalds sold a “McLobster” sandwich…go figure.

    I’m looking forward to see more pictures of your travels (You can nix the photos of the WalMart parking lots, been there, done that)

    God Bless
    Rick Miller 🙂

  2. We’re customers of Gary’s and I just wanted to say how envious we are. Thanks for my ‘virtual’ summer vacation! This is such a cool thing you’re doing.

  3. Hey Rick –
    Gary moves pretty quickly through these tourist things – but his wife stops and reads EVERY PLAQUE. She really slows him down!
    We didn’t get to do the whale watch – maybe in Maine?

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