August 20…

August 20th- Evening
Well, we made it to Acadia – or at least just outside in Trenton. The campground is very nice – though we are situated in an area that is a little short of trees. As in an RV Field. Gary has a fire going, so I’ll be heading out to sit with him shortly, but I wanted to jot just a couple of things down before I go.
We did a couple of “firsts” today….
I went into my first fabric stores of the adventure! OK, so that’s not that exciting to the general public, but since I plan to do a fair bit of quilting and such after we settle into our new life, it made me pretty happy. The first place we stopped at was called “Fabric by the Pound” which it wasn’t, but it was pretty interesting. Not only did they have very nice fabric for under $5.00/yd, but they also had “Maine crafts” (looked like fabric sacks and aprons to me), an eclectic selection of notions and knick-nacks, firewood (we are burning some as I type) and a hot dog cart selling both regular and “red” hotdogs. (We got the special – one of each type of ‘dog, a can of soda and a bag of chips for $3.00 – can’t beat that!). All of this along Route 1 heading into Trenton, ME. Go Figure.
The other store was a more traditional quilt shop (no hot dogs), and the prices were more traditional too! It’s called the Quilted Cabin – and it was very lovely. Picked up some “Maine” fabric (one with blueberries and one with pinecones) to make into stars for my memory quilt.
Another first was that Red Hotdog. Anyone know what that’s all about? Except for the outside being bright red it tasted the same.
I also tried a Cheddawurst at a place called Moody’s Diner (also on Rte 1 heading to Acadia). We found that place in a book called Road Food. Just a fun diner – good food (and the Cheddawurst was excellent) and good prices. Coffee is still $.75!

Tomorrow we actually get to Acadia – I think we should have a better plan than we do – but it’s supposed to be pretty rainy, so that may make some changes for us anyway. Everything is very lovely so far (except for the traffic….)

And for those of you who are wondering if I really am going to ever start cooking…. We ate dinner here – Native Corn on the cob and a big salad. Ymmmm.

Out to the Campfire….

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