Back on the road

Hello again!
It’s been awhile since we’ve visited – but Gary & I have been enjoying a week at our cabin in Vermont. Along with plenty of naps and a reading a couple of good books, we’ve spent time with family (a fun Saturday with both brother Dewey & family and sister Elna & husband Henry and our son Josiah), done research on the best place to get an ice cream cone (the Mini-Mart in Bradford has a good selection of flavors and their baby size cone -one very big scoop in a waffle cone- is 89 cents. Yes, that is 89 cents!), had a lovely long weekend with good friends Joe & Janet Ikoniak (they were also at our Saturday picnic), and did some general chores both at the cabin and in and around our RV, Lizzie. Although I had wonderful internet access while at my sisters, the cabin is delightfully free of all inroads of modern necessities. Well, we do have electricity, but no running water in the cabin and certainly no cell phone reception. We’re pretty happy to get a couple of radio stations (but are not always sure we want to listen to them!). Throughout the week we hone our card playing skills and just generally unwind from the world around us. This year there wasn’t quite so much unwinding for us (being that we are in that unemployed by choice condition), but it was still a soul-refreshing week.
Today we head off to Canada for a visit with family in Ontario. There might be another quiet spell from us as I’m not sure about internet connection in Canada. I know my cell phone will be on roaming so I won’t be usin’ that! After the weekend in Canada, we head to Toby & Tammy’s in Columbus for a nice visit with them (and of course The Granddaughter!)
Check out the travel picture for some cabin memories and pictures.
Off we go – I think Gary has the engine running……
Well, here’s one cabin shot…I couldn’t resist

One thought on “Back on the road”

  1. Hey Steph & Gary,
    Long time since I last emailed. You guys sound like God’s creation, family, travel and each other are all awesome!
    I just finished catching up on all your adventure. You have really done alot. SOOOOOOOO happy for you both.
    Was this the weekend Janet was to give you our squares for your quilt? For some reason I thought it was later in the month. I’ll talk with her on Monday night and work something out.
    Miss you at quilting….. still praying for that new home, even though JoAnn love us being there.
    Love you guys,
    Mary Save Template Changes.

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