Oh Canada! (Isn’t there a song by that name?)

What a lovely time we had in Canada where we visited with our Canadian Family (my Dad’s second wife, Jo, and her family), shared a weekend with them at their lake cottage on Georgian Bay, and then spent two days at Niagara Falls. Following our eventful customs crossing (never bring more than two bottles of wine per person with you into Canada unless you want to pay duty on them), we spent Thursday night (9/8) in Cobourg, Ontario (about two hours East of Toronto) and then left Lizzie at Jo’s house and headed to Toronto for a family party. On Friday we headed north to Honey Harbor on the Georgian Bay, loaded our stuff into a boat and rode out to the Go Home community of cottages on the Eastern edge of Georgian Bay. (These really are cottages – some more elaborate than others, but all beautifully synchronized with the scenery) We were blessed with amazing weather, and stunning scenery and warm hospitality. The weather was so lovely they even got me swimming in the lake (and I’m quite chicken when it comes to cold water) and learning how to kayak. We took about a mile trip over to the little library that serves this cottage community and back again. No white water, mind you, but both Gary and I remained upright and dry for the trip! Now getting in and getting out is quite a challenge (and I’m very glad it isn’t on video tape!), but the kayaking was very fun. I hope we get to work on our skills later in our trip.
This is the view from the deck of the cottage we were staying at –

Well, Gary’s not always enjoying the morning sun when they look out – but as you can see it is quite beautiful. Check out our travel picture page for more pictures of this area. It truly was breathtaking. These cottage “communities” sprinkled around Georgian Bay and the many lakes north of Toronto are to Toronto-ites what a Jersey shore home is to Philadelphians (and suburbs.) This was indeed a memorable weekend!

We headed on to Niagara on Monday the 13th. That evening we did Niagara on the Lake (NOTL) – a quaint community on Lake Ontario north of the Falls. If we’d had the time we could have spent days touring wineries and small historic homes, but since we had Columbus (and the kids) in our sights, we had to pick and choose our destinations. Before we left NOTL, we headed to the lake shore where off in the distance we could actually see Toronto – can you pick it out is this picture? Maybe the world really is flat!?

We did visit Fort George which was involved in the War of 1812. It was an interesting place – and it was especially interesting to hear the story of the Battle of Niagara from the English point of view. The facts were the same, but the perspective was different.
From the Fort we headed off to THE Niagara Falls (of course!). We took some of our Tourist Allowance and did the Tried and True Maid of the Mist. Of course, if you have ever taken that boat ride, you know it should be called the Maid of the Rain. Another amazing experience – one we’re glad we invested in. To be that close to such thundering power – WHEEEWWWWW.
This is a picture of the boat on its way back to the dock. Pretend I’m one of those blue raincoat clad tourists down there – and trust me, I’m soaked!

More Niagara Pictures are over on the Travel Images page if you have the time!

All in all we had a wonderful time in Canada. And according to most of the Canadians we spoke to, we hit the best weather of the Summer! Every day was blue skies and sunshine ~ and much to our delight the crowds had all left on Labor Day!
Special time with Family and continued reminders of God’s awesome creation! Doesn’t get much better than this!

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