So far behind…..

Hello, dear friends!
So sorry there has been such a delay in posting – we really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I just posted about four entries – but I’m still behind on getting the pictures up-loaded and organized. Not to mention telling you all about the great time we had with Toby & Tammy & Ellie last weekend.
Right now it’s 11:30PM on Tuesday, and we’re sitting the parking lot of the Monaco Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana. We have a 6AM appointment tomorrow to have some work done on Lizzie. If I can get real power to this computer, and maybe a wireless connection that won’t eat up all of my minutes – I’ll try to continue to get these pages up to date.
We are well – still friends, and having an amazing time!

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  1. Hi Gary and Stephanie, Just visited your site and saw that you’re in my old stoping grounds (sort of). I grew up in Indianapolis and have spent a great deal of time vacationing among the Northern Indiana Amish, and if you have yet not done so, I would recommend a visit to Middlebury and Shipshewana which is east of where you are now. There is a fabulous hardware store in Middlebury which is fun to browse. (Amish brides-to=be do their gift registry in hardware stores). This area has become highly commercialized so we like to get off the beaten path and drive the countryside and stop in the little home markets. A great, but touristy, restaurant in Middlebury is the Das Essenhaus and in Shipshewana try the Blue Gate. Some other areas to recommend in Indiana are…Close to your current location in South Bend, the University of Notre Dame campus is absoultely gorgeous. In Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (home of the Indy 500)and its museum, along with my alma mater, Butler University. South of Indianapolis is a fun and artsy community known as Nashville, Indiana in the heart of Brown County. Tons of shops filled with items from area artists and craftsmen. The autumn leaf scene draws Hoosiers from all over the state to this area and should be peaking in a few weeks or so. Will check back with you all another time…glad to hear you are having so much fun. We miss you all…Kay and Ron

  2. Kay –
    Thanks for the tips! We’re in the “customer care” center of Monaco Coach company – everything from coffee and snacks to free field trips and raffles. Puts a whole new meaning into taking good care of your customers. Since we might be here a day or two we appreciate your suggestions!

  3. Hi!
    She needed new glass in the door window – the seal had broken and all the condensation was accumulating inside. We’ve also had some A/C problems – looks like we’re getting a new one! Other than that, just squeaks and rattles. They have a great customer care center – modems, coffee, field trips – even bingo tonight! If we’re around tomorrow there’s a BBQ~ but we hope to be all done and on our way. They have space out back for overnight hook-ups…..pretty slick all around! It’s right behind the Chassis plant where we took that tour a couple of years ago!
    Had a great visit with T&T&E! We all went camping and had a good time. Sleeping was the biggest challenge with Ellie, but she seemed to have a good time.
    I’ll try to get some pictures posted…..

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