Albany Memories

The Riverquarium was very interesting – here are the guys pondering……well, they look like they’re pondering something!

Yep, it’s a big one!

Here are some classic zoo pictures – needless to say, there were plenty of alligators at the zoo – but they all looked pretty bored!

And this bear was being pretty friendly, but we did notice it was having a bad hair day!

On to the festivals –
While we were at the Chili Festival in Warwick, Warwick is more famous for the Grits festival. We didn’t get pictures, but in attendance at the festival was Miss Grits, Little Miss Grits, and Miss Teeny Grits. There was lots of chili to sample (we did) , an electric bull to try your hand at (we didn’t), lots of local food to buy (we did) and moon bounces to try (we didn’t). It was a fun festival – and these were the odd pictures we took while there –

We think it’s called Tin Shed because it is made of tin – not because it sells tin!

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