Drive to Georgia

Since our good friends Joe & Janet were going to be in Albany, GA visiting mutual friends, Drew & Frances, we decided to do a marathon (well, for us) drive from Indianapolis to Albany in order to surprise Joe & Janet. We left Indy around 10AM on Thursday AM, and wisked through the rest of Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and most of Georgia, arriving around 8AM on Friday morning. Since we only have one driver (I know, it’s about time I got behind the wheel), I thought we did pretty good covering that much ground that quickly.
Here are some photos and thoughts about the trip.
The Indiana sky…beautiful sunsets are everywhere!

Kentucky is WAY TOO beautiful (and with too many interesting spots) to just drive through. THis is a definate return trip!

NEVER NEVER NEVER attempt to drive through Nashville, TN at 5PM – (and you can’t even see Nashville yet!)

Mostly I learned that there are interesting things to discover along the way – especially from the front seat of an RV!

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