Georgia on my mind…

We awakened to a clear and sunny day – and the itch to go see more of GA. We did a couple of chores and then headed southeast to Thomasville – home of the BIG OAK(the largest live oak east of the Mississippi and the Lapham-Peterson House (among many other things). We took a long walk around the town and then headed off to our next destination. A scenic drive to Valdosta was a disappointment since the fabric store we were headed for had closed a couple of years ago. Guess we’ll learn to call ahead, huh! However, we passed beautiful pecan groves and fields white with cotton, expansive estates and small shanties, towns that consisted of a traffic light and towns that were filled with history. It was a good day.
Tomorrow maybe we’ll stick closer to home. Hey, maybe we’ll even wash the house!

2 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind…”

  1. Sounds lovely (except for the closed fabric shop!). Can you believe you’ve been at this for almost 2 months now. I think you should take a least 2 years if the budget holds out. You’ll need that long to get around the country.

    But come to California soon!

  2. I don’t see how we can do it much quicker than that either! We’re counting every penny (spreadsheet queen that I am), and hoping for at least two years on the road.
    So, what did you want for Christmas? Homemade potholders?

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