Jacks – Good Food, Fairly Fast

Yep, that’s what’s on the sign. Honest! It seemed packed (always a good sign) so we thought we’d give it a shot for lunch while we were waiting for the oil change on Lizzie to be accomplished. We walked in to a pretty ordinary looking place – tables on our left full of men wearing shirts with their names embroidered on the pocket and company logos on the back, and a buffet island on our left. We looked at the guy at the cash register – and he said – “go ahead, get what you want to eat, find a table and one of the girls will get you a drink.” Oooookay…We grabbed a plate and helped ourselves to braised chicken, fried chicken, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, greens w/ham, macaroni & cheese, a small salad bar, corn muffins and peach cobbler. Ok, so we didn’t help ourselves to everything on that list – but those were our choices. Monster glasses of ice water were served at the table. We ate our fill – and everything was delicious. The check came and only said – 2 buffets. I gave Gary a $20 and figured that was pretty safe. Much to our amazement, he returned with $13.75 in change!
This now ranks as the best deal of the trip! Buffet Lunch for two for under $7.00.
Maybe we’ll go back for breakfast!

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