What’s Next…

From this weekend until Thanksgiving we’ll be traveling through Kentucky, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia (again!) and north Florida, seeing sights and visiting family. If you have any “must see” suggestions, please let us know! December we’ll be doing another Sower’s project (this time in South Carolina) before we head north for Josiah’s graduation and then on to Columbus to meet our new grandbaby. Looks like we’ll be pulling out those winter clothes before we know it!
Did I mention it was 81 and sunny today?

2 thoughts on “What’s Next…”

  1. Hi Steph,
    That show looked awesome! How long did you get to stay there? Miss you much!
    Love Mary
    PS I emailed you an important question.

  2. Steph & Gary,

    Hope things are going well.

    When we were docked in Daytona we went to the flea market there several times. It’s huge and has lots of stuff of all different flavors… Junque, Antiques, Food, Fresh Fruit, Crafts etc etc etc.

    Have Fun!
    Rick S.

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