Waterfalls and Fabric and Sausages

OK, so they don’t quite fit together, but it pretty much describes the day! We started the day at the Anna Ruby Falls in Unicoi State Park just as the mist was beginning to rise. The half mile walk to the falls (VERY UPHILL) left our hearts pounding, but the walk and the falls were worth the trip. Of course, pictures (taken by me) rarely capture the beauty of waterfalls, but here are a couple to try and show how pretty it was).

As we paused on the way up….

It was much prettier than this – I couldn’t get it all in the picture!

Oh, and here we are…see, we ARE still friends!

From there we traveled to Dahlonega – the site of the first Georgian Gold Strike. Or, the home of Magical Threads Fabric Store. Yes, once again, Gary took his beloved wife out to touch fabric! And yes, she managed to purchase just a little to remember the day. It was a delightful shop – tho I had trouble finding any fabric under $8.00/yard. Yikes! As we headed back to Helen we passed the Shoal Creek Cloth Shop (and vegetable stand!). I made Gary turn around for that one! It had very little of interest, but it did have a couple of nice cottons – for $2.00/yd. How could I resist buying some??? I didn’t. =)

A quick stop in Cleveland, GA – the home of the Cabbage Patch dolls. The Babyland Hospital is right there in town, so we stopped by (with memories of long lines at area stores trying to secure one for Lara many many years ago!). Unless you want to adopt a true Cabbage Patch doll for a around $200.00 or are intrigued by women dressed up as doctors and nurses “birthing” babies out of heads of cabbage, it’s probably a place you could miss. (Sorry if that sounded a little jaded…..)

And since Helen is all about being an Alpine village we felt we needed to sample the German cuisine that is offered everywhere. With glowing recommendations we went to the Edelweiss Country Inn just outside of Helen. Great German food (though I was disappointed that they didn’t serve Spaetzle until after 5PM and we were too early!!!)

Although this Inn is outside of town, the entire town of Helen, GA really does look like this!

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