Three Month Statistics

It’s been three months since we hit the road! We can hardly believe it. Here are some of our vital statistics so far:
Miles traveled – 4436
Hours on the road – 98
Average MPH – 45
Average MPG – 7.5 (don’t do the math on that – with the price of Diesel, it’s too depressing to think about!)

For our overnight accommodations, we’ve spent
16 nights at Campground du Walmart
22 nights at Campgrounds (legitimate)
29 nights in driveways (at generous family and friends)
1 – Factory Parking lot
1 – Rest Area
1 – Church Parking lot

We’re close to being within our budget – the first month was a killer (ah, the learning curve!). We are still learning by doing. And still loving it!

2 thoughts on “Three Month Statistics”

  1. 3 months! Wow! And to think you initially thought you’d only be on the road for a year….you’d never make it out to California at that rate!

    Do we have dates for Disney yet? I’m looking into frequent flyer mile potentials….

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