Natural Bridge – Daniel Boone National Forest

We were once again struck with the awesome nature of God’s creation and attention to detail when we visited the Natural Bridge in the Daniel Boone National Forest. It was quite a hike up (only .75 mile but very “UP”), and that was the “easy” trail. It was definitely worth the trek. In many ways it reminded me of Mammoth cave – but in the sunshine!
Here are some shots – again, never really catching the majesty of it all!

Here we’ve almost made it to the top. Gary is working his way up the last stretch, while I pause to take a picture (and catch my breath and try to stop my heart from pounding out of my chest! Boy, am I out of shape!)

Here is the top of the bridge. It was amazing how flat it was.

This is the view from the bridge top. Those kids are sitting WAY TOO CLOSE TO THE EDGE for this old girl! The view was spectacular (as was the weather!). The next shot was taken from that rock outcrop on the left of this picture, looking back at the bridge.

Taken from that rock outcrop – looking back at the bridge. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s almost impossible to see, but there are very narrow, very steep step going down along the wall of this rock. It was our way down! It was so steep ( and covered with wet leaves) that we did it going backwards. Thankfully there was a railing. And thankfully we chose this as the way DOWN and not UP!

Our God IS an Awesome God!

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