Carl Sandburg’s Home

As we traveled through Western North Carolina in search of a quilt fabric store, we stumbled upon the Carl Sandburg’s Home in Flat Rock. The house is old (built pre-Civil War), but since the Sandburg’s lived there until the 1960’s it has a very comfy lived-in feel. The Sandburgs were savers – keeping every magazine in piles along the walls. The house is decorated to be comfortable and useful. Mrs. Sandburg was an internationally famous goat breeder – she was well known for breeding goats that had increased milk production. The farm still has some token goats, the grounds are beautiful (as is the view) and the house tour ($5.00) was very interesting. It was a far cry from Biltmore, but all in all a great place to visit.
(And yes, we found a couple of fabric stores – My Quilt Shoppe in Flat Rock, Material Things, and Fabric and Foam Outlet. And I managed to find a couple of pieces of fabric that will remind me of our time in Western North Carolina!)

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