The Best Part – Family!

Ok, Asheville was great. It’s a beautiful city in a beautiful area with beautiful things to see. There was so much that we didn’t see that would have been worthwhile seeing. But what we were able to do was spend time with family, and that was the greatest blessing of all. My nephew Jon Fitzpatrick and his wife Emily have lived in Asheville for a couple of years. They recently bought their first house – a classic 1945 bungalow that was a true handyman’s special. They are delighting in fixing it up, and it was great to see their progress. Jon’s mom, my sister Joie, and her husband Fitz were also in town, so it doubled our fun. Joie & I went to Biltmore together while Jon & Emily were at work, and Gary and Fitz installed a new toilet for them! How’s that for a fun day?! (Joie and I definitely won the “who had the best time” award for that day!). On Sunday we worshiped together, had dinner at our place and then Joie and I went in search of a cousin whom we hadn’t seen in years and years, but who lives outside of Asheville in Burnsville, NC. We had a great visit – meeting her husband (for the first time!) and seeing his glass blowing studio, sharing pictures and snapshots of our lives. It was so good to connect with Wanda again!
Here are (l-r) Joie, Emily, Jon, Fitz

And to document the historic cousin’s meeting –
Me, Wanda, Joie

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  1. sounds like asheville was a ton of fun. isn’t the biltmore amazing? i’m heading there to visit jon and emily in a few weeks, and i can’t wait.


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