So what’s Next?

We’ve certainly enjoyed our time here among the Live Oak trees. Almost all of the rally attendees have left and (except for the train that is in within sight) it’s been nice and quiet. Since we didn’t have to be at our next destination until Friday the 26th, staying put for a couple of days seemed to make the most sense. We’ve been practicing “living off the grid” – and it’s been fun. We did move Lizzie closer to the action (and closer to the sunshine for those solar panels!), so we really are parked between huge Live Oaks – here’s the proof!

(Check out the images page to see more of this beautiful location.)

We’re finishing up some maintenance, cleaning and laundry type stuff, and getting ready to take off early tomorrow. We’re headed to Kingstree, SC where we’ll be part of a SOWER’s project at the Youth Academy Group Home. Hopefully, as we wind our way north we’ll have time to stop at Fort Fredrica, St. Simons Island, GA (along with Costco and Cracker Barrel!). On Thanksgiving we’re hoping to be strolling the streets of Savannah. We’re bummed about not being with family, but we’re all scheduled to be together for Christmas, so I am content with that. (Plus we’re waiting on word about a new grandbaby due VERY soon!). We have so much to be thankful for, our blessings are beyond counting really, so there’ll be no grumbling here!
Here is the sky that God painted for us tonight……..Blessing to you all!

One thought on “So what’s Next?”

  1. there’s something a little sad about not heading to the conrad homestead for thanksgiving this year. and the rainy weather would have been perfect for our tackle football game. but, i’m looking forward to a good time in central PA.

    happy thanksgiving to you!


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