November comes to a close….

This has truly been a wonderful month! We’ve seen family and friends, descended into deep caves and hiked to the mountain tops. We’ve seen rushing waterfalls and walked in the ocean. We celebrated a birthday (mine) and a BIRTH day (Hayley Elizabeth). It’s been a month of new places and adventures and refreshment. Ahhhh. It was lovely!
We’ll be “staying still” here in Kingstree, SC for a couple of weeks. We’re on another Sower’s project – at the Youth Academy Group home. Looks like this time I’ll be working mostly in the office, while Gary will be working with a crew refurbishing a home for use as staff housing. Our co-workers are a lovely couple from Vancouver Island, Canada. The area is very rural – and Kingstree is pretty close to…….well, we haven’t actually found anything it’s close to, but we’re still looking!

On to December!!!

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