Christmas in Columbus

As we headed to Columbus we learned that we were driving into a major snowstorm. We didn’t hit the storm until we were almost to Columbus, but when it started in really got going! Don’t know who ordered the White Christmas, but Columbus got SOCKED!!! Toby and Tammy live a little north of the city in Marysville, and they got about 15 inches by Thursday noon. Columbus “proper” got about 6 inches of snow and then about an inch of ice. What a MESS!!! Josiah made it safely, Lara arrived from California, and soon we were all snug in Marysville. It was a wonderfully special Christmas. Little Ellie (just under 2) was delightful (of course!), and the newest Conrad, Hayley Elizabeth, did just was 4 week old babies do best – eat, sleep, poop, and mesmerize her grandparents and aunt and uncle! Santa was good to all, and I must admit that as long as we didn’t have to go anywhere, it was kinda nice having that White Christmas. By the 26th the roads had cleared enough for us to go into Columbus for a joint Birthday dinner for the kids (Toby’s b-day was the 26th and Lara’s is on January 4th). Check out the Family Photos page for a selection of the quadzillion digital pictures I took! Ah, Technology!
(Other pictures from our trip home are on the Travel Pictures page….

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