Our time in the North….

What a lovely time we had on our “Northern Holiday”. After we closed up Lizzie for her lonely stay in the south, we headed to our first stop – Hanover, PA. We had a great (though short) visit with my college roommate and her husband. The next morning we headed on to Lancaster Bible College for Josiah’s graduation. It was a very proud moment for us (and him). After a nice post- graduation dinner, we headed to Doylestown. It was lovely to spend time not only with our good friends Joe and Janet (where we took over their basement for 10 days!), but to also have a chance to connect with many other friends and work buddies. We headed to Columbus on the 21st, stopping at my sister’s (north of Carlisle) just for nice overnight visit (and the chance to meet my newest great-nephew, Pierson Bookamer).
Other fun things we did before we left for Columbus….
-Christmas Shopping
-Worshipped with friends at First Baptist Church, Doylestown
-Bought fabric for Hayley’s baby quilt (at my favorite fabric shop in Lancaster)
-Enjoyed the HPI Christmas party (my employer in my previous lifetime) and was able to get together with work friends several times.
-Had breakfast with a niece and nephew and niece-in-law
-Gary got to “pick up the tools” with his friend Joe Czop, and then we joined Joe and his wife -Dawn for dinner one night.
-Helped make Perogies and Opera Fudge with my buddy Janet
-Got to go to Monday Night Quilting TWICE!
-Spent time with Josiah
-Stopped at Valley Forge National Park and Hopewell Furnace National Park on our way to Carlisle. (Why are these places so much more interesting as adults than they were when I was in 6th grade?!)
-Had Nat’s Pizza TWICE – boy were we missing that!
-Had breakfast at Daddypop’s (in Hatboro) – the best home fries we’ve found!

It was so good to touch base with friends and family and favorite places, but Columbus was calling, so off we went to see the Fam in Ohio!

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