A New Year and a New Focus

When we started planning this adventure it all seemed so simple. We’d sell the house after all the kids were launched (more or less), wrap up our little business, buy an RV and take a year off to see the country. Even then (as many of you know) I had no concept of how that would actually happen. That was 1997. This is 2005. My oh my oh my.
We’ve learned a lot these five months ~ about each other, about life in an RV, about places to see and things to do, about the Lord and his grace, about the importance of family and friends. We’re also learning more about how this “adventure” is changing us and changing focus. We’ve fallen in love with the SOWER concept – using our talents to help others as we travel around the country. We’ve been very blessed by the two projects that we have done. So, instead of being tourists for a year and doing a couple of SOWER projects along the way, we are planning on doing SOWER projects most of the time and doing a little “tourist” along the way. We’re hopeful that the adventure lasts for a good long while. Keep Prayin’!!!!!

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

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