A weekend in Green Isle, FL

We’ve had a quiet weekend here at Green Isle. We had had every intention of “seeing the sights” here in the Central Florida area, finding a wildlife refuge to visit or at least locating a bike path, but when push came to shove it was tooooooo nice just hanging around home. The weather has continued to be excellent, sunny and bright every day. We did some laundry, I got started on Hayley’s quilt and Gary putzed around building shelves in a couple of the storage bays. We joined some of our Sower friends for a nice dinner out. One of our neighbors went around and washed all of our cars! (We’ll have to watch for him on other projects!). We worshipped on Sunday at a dynamic church in Leesburg, Southpointe Baptist Fellowship, and were blessed by the fellowship. It was a lovely, laidback weekend.

Oh – while we didn’t get to find a wildlife refuge, some of the locals came for a visit right here at our campsite. These wood ibis (American storks) came to our little pond, just 20 feet or so from the front of our RV.

It was a VERY nice weekend!

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