My Kids

No, not Lara, Toby, Tammy, and Josiah. These are the Kids at the Green Isle School where I was “tutoring” for three weeks. I mostly worked with Ricky (he’s the blonde, second from the right) and Cory (he’s the big guy in the back trying to strangle the two boys in front of him.) These are great kids that already have a couple of strikes against them and are probably carrying more “baggage” that I will ever carry. This first picture is the “official” one – the gang is more or less under control. (The girls are daughters of staff members and the guy in the front is Mr. Bill, one of the teachers).

This picture is a little more realistic!

It was a great experience, frustrating at times, but one that I’m thankful to have had. And it sure has given me something to pray about!

One thought on “My Kids”

  1. Stephanie how in the world did we get those kids to sit still for the 5 seconds it took to take that picture???? hmmmmm I think I remember we bribed them with a promise of food 🙂

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