Is this really January?

I took so many pictures the last couple of days, I’m trying REALLY HARD to pick the ones that I think represent this area the best. We truly loved all the big birds, but I won’t post all the bird pictures I took – honest!
Here are some from our “back yard” –
I loved the reflection in this one….

Here is another “Low Tide”. Even the ranger said this was an extreme low tide. I guess!

The parrots could often be seen in these trees (though not with the camera!)

One of the beautiful sunsets we enjoyed…. (yes, with a bird!)

This is a shot from The DeSoto National Memorial in Bradenton – this picture really has nothing to do with the historic nature of the park – but hey, the actual monument was a boring marble slab and you never know, maybe this IS the spot where he landed?

This was just one of the (way too) many shots I took today while we were roaming around the park.

Yeah, we had a Very Good Time!

One thought on “Is this really January?”

  1. steph and gary, those pictures are great. i’m so glad you found that campground! it is gorgeous.

    mike and robyn said they had another fun evening with you.

    i love the reflection picture too.

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