Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers – Post Hurricanes

We continued our Florida Travels with a visit with Judy, Gary’s sister. She lives in Punta Gorda, an area that was badly damaged during the Hurricane Charlie – and then continued to be battered as the remaining three hurricanes visited the state. Judy lost the roof of her house – and all of her belongings. It’s been a tough road for her, but the house is almost rebuilt and she hopes to be in by mid February. The entire area showed many signs of the massive devastation from Charlie, so it was good to connect with Judy and see that all was well with her (well, on the way to being “well” at least!).
From there we headed to Ft. Myers where we are staying with friends Jim and Sue Taylor. Lizzie fits in their driveway, so we are enjoying spending time with good friends without being right under their feet all the time! It’s been a quiet laid-back time so far – maybe tomorrow we’ll head out to see some of the local sights.
I’ll write more later – just wanted to let you’all know where we were!

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