Getting to know the Panhandle

We’re getting settled here at Teen Challenge. After a week or so of dry camping (no hookups) it’s nice to be hooked up to “real” utilities (as opposed to our self contained/generated ones!). The other Sower couples (there are five couples here on the project) have all arrived safely and we are busy making new friends! It was an exciting weekend here – besides it being Parent’s weekend and graduation for about 14 of the 85 students, there was also a golf outing and banquet on Friday night. The worship service this morning was very Spirit filled as the graduating students shared how Christ had been working in their lives. It’s very exciting to be part of this ministry – even if it’s only for three weeks!
We did a little exploring over the weekend. Bonifay is about 70 miles north of Panama City and Teen Challenge is only about 5 miles south of Alabama. We are saving Panama City for a later time, but we checked out Dothan, AL (lots of great murals) and had a lovely drive through the countryside. This area is so very different than the rest of Florida. Even though the weather here is mild all year around, everyone is pretty excited about the coming Spring. It was 70 plus over the weekend, so it seems pretty spring like to me already!
We had lunch today at Mom’s, a great little spot in Hartford, Alabama where I had grilled chicken breast w/broccoli and baked potato all for $4.99. I think we’ll be back there before our three weeks are up!
We report to work tomorrow – after a tour and orientation of the property and program.
The adventure continues!

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  1. Hey Stephanie, We’ve been thinking about you guys, and praying for you. Sounds like it’s been a great adventure with more to come. OUr family is doing well. We still haven’t moved, although the desire and need for space is still there. How is the house selling scene going. or do you even have time to think about that? Some one told us the sale sign is still up. Regardless we are enjoying reading your daily comings and goings. Love Genie FArr

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