A week in the life……

Since I don’t have a convenient internet connection, I thought I’d try to keep a true daily journal so you can see what a week of being a SOWER looks like. I’ll get the days posted as I am able.

Today was a beautiful day here at Shepherd of the Ozarks (SOTO). The sky was bright blue, the temperatures warmed into the 70’s and trees are just beginning to bud. SOTO continues to amaze us with its beauty –horses grazing in the pasture in front of our home, beautiful lodges that dot the property and the Big Creek which winds through this 300 acre property. Once again, this project is nothing like anything we have worked before!
After a lovely pancake breakfast in the Buffalo Center, off to Church we went. Gary is still recovering from a nasty cold (with a nastier cough), so I joined the other SOWER couple (John and Gerri Pennington) and the director and his family at the First Baptist Church in Marshall. This is probably the closest town with any kind of stores (Harriett has a yield sign and Crockett’s Country Store) and it is over 40 minutes away. And we’re talking windy, hilly roads. I think during the week we’ll be staying pretty close to home! After church I joined Gary in the nap-taking, and then enjoyed sitting outside and reading.
Tomorrow we start working! Looks like the guys will be working on new building that is well underway, and Gerri and I will probably be joining them doing painting or other light construction chores. Hopefully Gary will get a good night’s sleep and feel better tomorrow. The weather is expected to be sunny and warm again – a little unseasonable for the area, but we are lovin’it! We’re anxious to get started!

Ah, our first day. Adam, the project coordinator, is working on completing a new lodge by June 1st. Whew – there’s a lot to do! Gerri and I were indeed painting (clear coating) the pine tongue and groove siding that is in each room. She rolls it on, I brush it smooth. We’re getting to be a team! The men are installing the siding in an upstairs room. (Guess we’ll get to clear-coat that room later in the week!). The day started out cool, but ended up being bright and sunny and warm. Gerri & I walked back from the lodge to our coaches – about a half mile. It’s a challenge since the first part is very steep uphill and the second part is just as steep down hill. We’re committed to doing it at least once a day – maybe by next week we’ll stop huffing and puffing so!
We spent a quiet evening – with no TV or internet to distract us, we spent it watching a movie – The Incredibles. It was cute. Off to bed pretty early – we’re both working on colds, and rest is a good thing!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday –
OK, so it’s a cop out lumping three days together, but in reality they were pretty much the same. Tuesday we actually painted instead of clear-coating, but the rest of the week was spend with the roller and brush clear-coating. The rooms have a lot of interesting angles, so it’s interesting even if it is the same process over and over again! Wednesday we even braved getting up on scaffolding, but Thursday we were back on just ladders. The work is going quickly – the guys have moved on to doing some ceilings (which don’t have to be clear-coated – phew!) and we are finishing up where ever our fearless leader (Adam) tell us to roll and brush! We’ve enjoyed working together, Gerri and I, and it’s been fun to be on the same assignment (basically) as the guys. The weather has been pretty rainy and cool these last three days, but God is rewarding us with the promise of a beautiful weekend!
(And a beautiful weekend it was – but that will have to wait!

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