May 1st – Can it be!?!?

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s May already! And it’s even harder to believe that we’ve been on the road nine (yes that’s 9!) months. I’ll have to spend some time reflecting on all of the wonderful people we’ve met, the exciting adventures we’ve had, and the amazing blessings we received during those months. Right now I just want to let folks know that we’ve “landed” for the next three weeks at Summit Grove Camp in New Freedom, PA. It’s right off of I83, just about 18 miles south of York and about 2 miles north of the MD border. We don’t have our official “job” list, but I imagine that we’ll be doing pretty standard “get the place ready for camp” kind of stuff – doing minor repairs, cleaning up winter’s mess, and generally opening up areas for use. There are three other couples with us, and already we have been having great fellowship. We are anticipating another great month doing this Sower’s project – and will keep you all posted!

3 thoughts on “May 1st – Can it be!?!?”

  1. Hey guys,

    I heard from two birds…happen to have the same name as Ikoniacks…that you will be in Doylestown on Sun and possibly in church….so we can see you, catch up on your 9 months of flittering here and there doing good deeds …and be able to hand you Ruth’s invitation. I realize you will probably be in Alaska or some great place saving the world but we do want you to know we love you, appreciate you and want you to know you surely would be invitated to an event that is close to our hearts! so that that for now….thanks, emily

  2. Something is funny with your template and makes everything link on your comment pages. I’m gonna see what I can do about that….

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