Back Home for a while

Well, since Lizzie is our home, we’re actually always ‘home’, but right now we are actually parked in the driveway of our “staying put” home (the one we’re trying to sell!). Our project at Summit Grove wrapped up last Thursday, and after a very fun day in Baltimore with our friends from that project, we headed to Jamison. We’ll be here until the end of June when we head to Michigan (near Traverse City) for a project in July. There are lots of chores to get done here at the homestead – there’s been some interest in the house, but nothing has been finalized, so we’ll be working on the lawn and gardens, along with some final disposition of the contents (yes, one more yard sale is in my future!). We’ll be enjoying a couple of weddings, taking care of some banking-type stuff, touching base with lots of friends and generally wrapping up loose ends ’cause this time when we leave, we REALLY ARE HEADING WEST!!!!
So, if you don’t see many posts for awhile, it’s just ’cause we’re doing some pretty regular “stuff”. But if it gets exciting, I’ll be sure to let you know!!!
Here’s the group shot from our Summit Grove project. We worked very hard – but we played hard too! It was a memorable month – and we’ve made some forever friends!

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