At the Cabin….

Drinking coffee with my sisters while watching the mist rise on the pond….now that’s the way to start the day! Vermont decided to have summer the first week of June, so instead of cool rainy days (which we are used to), we were blessed with bright sunshine and warm days. We got together with family, sorted through cabinets and cleaned up the cabin, and managed to substitute ice cream for meals more times than we should confess. Time spent laughing, crying, praying, studying the Word, reading and sleeping, (plus a healthy dose of speed scrabble) – Yes, it was a grand Girls’ Week 2005!
Here is a picture from our visit with our Aunt Berta – my mom’s sister.

(That’s my cousin Catherine with Aunt Berta)
And we also enjoyed a dinner out with my brother Dewey, wife Sharon and daughter Sydney….
Sharon – Elna- me -Joie – Dewey – Sydney

Yes, we are truly blessed!

4 thoughts on “At the Cabin….”

  1. Yay! Fun pictures from Vermont.

    I’m going to try to come out on Saturday for the sale–Abby and her friend will be at a wedding.

  2. My wife Vallerie and I are just in the process of selling the house, buying the rv, leaving our church family at our FBC (Fleetwood Bible Church) near Reading Pa. Stumbled across your site and must tell you it was an encouragement for me. We are looking forward to what God may have down the road for us (not Pottsville)! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Doug Miller

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