Sorry it’s been sooooooo long…..

OK, OK…so it’s the end of the month already! I promise not to let this go so long again. Honest.
It’s hard to believe we’ve been here in the driveway for over a month! It’s been a good home visit, but I think we’re ready to hit the road. We haven’t sat this “still” for quite awhile. And the reality is we haven’t sat very “still” at all……..
—We’ve managed to empty out the house expect for the Piano, and a couple of pieces of furniture that my nieces are coming over to get shortly.
—The garage sale went well – and a missionary family from our church was having a fund raising yard sale the next weekend, so we had a place to send our leftovers.
—My sister Joie came and collected a large selection of furniture and family “stuff” that will be distributed to a couple of her kids.
—The remaining Conrad Life (that isn’t traveling the county with us) has been condensed into 15 boxes. AMAZING! (and freeing!)
—I got to get together with my Quilting Buddies (field trip to Lancaster complete with a pajama party at the EconoLodge), dear friends from my old church (Calvary Presbyterian in Willow Grove), dear friends from our current church (First Baptist of Doylestown), and my good friends from my old job at HPI – both at the office and socially. (Not to mention Girls’ Week with my sisters, but I already wrote about that!)
—Gary had a chance to get together with his buddies from United Refrigeration. Nothin’ like a little Guy Time to make you feel at home.
–We’re in the middle of negotiations for the house sale! We really love the folks that are interested in buying the house – and we’re hopeful that it will all be a reality before too long. As always – this is in the Lord’s hands, and we’re waiting on him!
–We’ve both been to the doctors – both for allergies and congestion along with those regular check-up things. Aside from a little high blood pressure (which can probably be remedied by loosing some weight!), we both have a clean bill of health.
—We got some maintenance chores done at the house and feel that it’s in pretty good shape for us to head out on the road again.
—We got to see lots of our good buddies, the Ikoniaks, who not only take care of our mail, but have also graciously offered to store our 10 boxes of “life” while we are on the road. We will surely miss them!

So we leave tomorrow for the drive to Western Michigan – just outside of Traverse City. Our July Project will be at Lake Ann Baptist Camp – and judging from its website, it looks like a great place. We are anxious to hit the road again. In many ways I feel as though the last 10 (almost 11 now!) months have been training. And that NOW we are really heading out to our great adventure!

P.S. Gary & I shared our testimony today at Church. I’m trying to figure out how to link to the page – but can’t quite figure it out tonight! It’s past my bed time, and tomorrow is a busy packing up and getting on the road kind of day! I’ll get this posted and try to add some details in the next couple of days!

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