Our Testimony at FBC

We asked if we could share what God has been doing in our lives these last 10 months with our church family at FBC and did that (in 3 minutes!) this past Sunday….. Here is what we said…..(Well, there might have been an ad lib or two , but this is pretty close!)
We asked Dan if we could have a couple of minutes to greet our friends here at First Baptist, share what we’ve been up to for the last 10 months, and frankly, to issue a warning. As many of you know, after years (literally about 6 – ask any of those friends we dragged to countless RV shows!) of praying, researching, planning, and dreaming, we took off in an RV for a year on the road. Our plan was nebulous at best – taking our time as we wandered across the USA, seeing the sights and exploring America. We had joined a group called SOWERS, who do service work at different Christian ministries, and planned to do a couple of those projects along the way, but probably not before January of ‘05. We took off August first of last year from the church parking lot. The dream was now the reality.

Well, it took us 6 weeks to realize that, as wonderful as a time we were having seeing new places and connecting with family and friends (and it had been amazing), maybe God had a different purpose for us in our travels. We decided to sign up for our first Sowers project, months before we had anticipated doing so. We headed to a small Christian School in Vienna GA where for three weeks we mowed grass, cleaned refrigerators, repaired leaky pipes, did bulletin boards, made curtains, repaired playground equipment or whatever else was asked of us to support the ministry of that small school. Before the project was through, we were in love! In love with the people of that small community, in love with students of the school, and more in love with Jesus who we felt was calling us to take a bigger part in the Sower Ministry. We essentially looked at each other and said, OK,– so this is what God had in mind when he worked out all of the details for this year “off.”
Just a word about SOWERS – it stands for Servants On Wheels Ever Ready. In its Constitution, their purpose is stated as –
To promote the Kingdom of God, assisting Christian churches, schools, colleges, camps, retreats and other Christian ministries through the organized teamwork of concerned volunteers: by giving assistance in repair, construction and maintenance work, to those needy Christian ministries as approved. In other words, we do the work that no one else has the time to do because they are busy doing their ministry work!

There are about 1000 active Sowers – working anywhere from one project a year to 12 projects a year. There are about 200 projects all across the nation (and into Canada and Mexico). Some of the projects near here are Keswick, Sandy Cove, WEC International and Montrose Bible Conference – where we first learned about Sowers.

Since that first project in October, we’ve worked 5 other projects. From Group Homes for troubled kids to a Teen Challenge Military style Boys Ranch to a beautiful retreat center in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas, we’ve been privileged to use our gifts and skills for the Lord. We’ve been greatly blessed at each of these projects. Seeing the great diversity of the Kingdom of God, meeting His children in unexpected places, working along side newly found brothers and sisters in Christ – these are blessing much greater that the amazing places we’ve visited. Lord willing, tomorrow we’ll be unplugging our RV, making sure everything is secure and heading out to our mission field. Our July project is at Lake Ann Baptist Camp in Michigan, then on to Wisconsin and Minnesota before we start heading south for the winter (yes, that’s a very good thing when you live in an RV!) South Texas will be our home for Jan – Feb – Mar as we work at different ministries that are reaching out to the Mexican people.

We invite you to join us on our journey. Our website is rvthereyet.org and we hope you visit often. We’ll be in the gym lobby between services with more information about SOWERs and our adventures. Mostly, we covet your prayers. We are hopeful that this New Journey we’ve been led to will be one that goes on for a long, long time!

Oh, and that warning……just when you think that THESE (Fun hat and sun glasses) will be the important items of your day……it turns out the THESE (rubber gloves) are what will be really important! Proverbs 19:21 says it best….

Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
But it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

We’re excited to be going about our Lord’s business! Thank you for your prayers!

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