Old Dogs, New Tricks

Yes, dear friends, this IS STILL Gary & Stephanie’s RVthereyet web page. Lara is working on making it better than ever – and I am trying to figure out how it actually works. Please bear with us as we work together to make it work! I’ll post insights on how to make it user friendly when I figure out just what those insights are!

For now, tho, we are really enjoying our time here at Lake Ann Baptist Camp, just outside of Traverse City, MI. This week is the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City (the 79th annual one at that!) and we are torn between going into town to check out the festival (and the extra 200,000 people) and staying here where it’s nice and quiet. Since the festival lasts all week, I think we’ll wait until next weekend to “do” the festival, and just enjoy the peace and quiet here. Actually, even that will end soon as 300+ campers are expected tomorrow morning. Ah, the beauty of summer camp!
This really is a lovely area with lots to see and do. We’ll be filling you in as the weeks go by about our happenings here.

But for right now, I just need to figure out just how this new website works!

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