Another Great Week in LA

(I just posted pictures from last weekend – fair warning to those of you with slow connections!)

Well, the second week of the project has drawn to a close. We have been blessed with beautiful sunny weather (although the area could really use some rain), lots of interesting projects to complete, and great fellowship. We ladies have set up our sewing machines in a room in the welcome center so we can spread out for sewing a variety of curtains, plus some of our own projects. That has been great! The guys are still working at the wood shop, and although the work is pretty repetitive, the shop has such cool tools that no one is complaining. It’s been a grand week!

And this weekend has proved to be likewise! Friday we all went on a tubing expedition. Yes, all eight of us oldsters climbed into big ol’ rubber tubes and floated down the Platte River right into Lake Michigan. It was a sight to behold! The day was sunny and clear – the water was warm and crystal – and we made it all the way to Lake Michigan (where the water turned significantly COLDER!!!). We can now officially say that we have swum in Lake Michigan. A good time was had by all!!!!
Today (Saturday) has been mostly chores – Gary has some projects he needs to get done before we head out next weekend, and I have laundry and housecleaning to do. Yes, it will be hard to leave this beautiful place and the dear friends we have made here, but on we must go. Lara is quite sure we’re never going to make it to California!

And yes, I’ll probably get this weekend’s pictures posted by next weekend. But, hey – did you check out the new grandbaby pictures? =)

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